Sue Perkins, I won’t pretend that I’m her biggest fan, in fact she’s the main reason I ignore British Bake Off…sorry I just don’t like her jokes, that’s all…bit cheesy and I’ve never laughed….her partner….a few laughs here or there…I actually like her However, no one should be sending her death threats over who takes Jeremy Clarkson’s place on Top Gear. I don’t hate Sue Perkins…I just don’t find her entertaining but that’s just me, I don’t think Louis Walsh is entertaining either but I’m sure many people love Sue for what she does and if she were to replace Clarkson then I’d at least give the show a try before deciding whether to watch or not.

Let’s not bring sexism into this please people. I don’t want her on because she’s a woman, the gender doesn’t matter to me, its whether they’ll make me laugh and smile during the program….if you put John Prescott on, I’d stop watching…look mostly people they suggest, whether male or female, I’ll be against at first…look I know Jeremy Clarkson did a very stupid thing that has destroyed a great program but he still brought me years of joy and his antics cheered me up a great deal on Top Gear…it’s hard to just replace them with someone else…it takes time but no offence to Sue Perkins, for me….I doubt she could fill the void Jeremy left…for some she may be able to and that’s fine.

Can’t just James May and Richard Hammond host the show??? would that be so bad, does their need to be 3 hosts?? Like Dr Who, many people think a woman needs to be on these shows but that feels wrong for me BUT here’s why…your doing it for the sake of it…if a woman is passionate about cars and is on the show, Fantastic, that’s awesome but if you just stick a woman on just so you can say a woman is on your show…I just don’t like that, feels forced. If you put a Male on Loose Women every show as a main host just for the sake of it…Just…let’s not got there. It’s pointless, enough of shows split by gender, if a man or woman is good at something like Driving Cars, Riding Horses or cooking then get them on! it’s 2015 people. Women can drive and Men can cook and be in touch with their feelings! If 3 women hosted Top Gear and they were really good, I’d watch every week!

For all I know, Sue Perkins might be very knowledgeable about cars and could be a great host, if so then GREAT! if the show can stay entertaining and factual than no issue, right?

James May who’s future is up in the air had this to say about the Death Threats.

“do the world a much bigger favour by killing yourself”. James May

obviously he didn’t mean it but he doesn’t want people who send death threats online as fans and I can’t blame him. I do feel sorry for whoever the bookies put as favorites to replace Clarkson….please say Piers Morgan!

“Guys, post the utterly fabricated story about me and Top Gear, my timeline has been full of blokes wishing me dead. This morning, someone suggested they’d like to see me burn to death.- Sue Perkins

Ok but I’ve seen many female fans wishing the same thing…not just males…It’s fans in general who send the threats, not just males. But seriously, leave the poor woman alone…you drove her of Twitter!

Regardless, a decision that many fans are going to hate will happen eventually…it’ll dominate the news and people will complain online..that’s how the world works now. Sad but true.

Do I want Sue Perkins to be on Top Gear- NO but I’d give her a chance

Do I want her to die, because of it?- No!

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