Here’s the trailer

All videos owned by Disney, I do not have any copyright on them

Anyone else too afraid to get their hopes up on this one?? I’m not so sure, I mean Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker are back and a misshaped Darth Vader Skull which could pretty much mean anything

My Father has it

Vader’s dead right? either that or his spirit can still kick butt…who knows? but a new villain and a new set of heroes it appears…new troopers…bet their Armour is still incredibly weak. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about this movie and will be seeing it this Christmas but…we all remember when Episode 1 came out and we were all excited about it but apart from Darth Maul, it wasn’t a very good movie…unless your into debates and politics. Here’s the first teaser trailer.

Epic shot of the Falcon there…wonder if Boba Fett will return somehow…come on, we all know he’s not dead in that plant thing, right? COME ON DISNEY! New villain sounds good and that light saber looks wicked but what’s the movie about….does the dark side fight back in some shape or form. Look at this Robot Chicken clip, I know it’s a cartoon but it does bring up some good points, if you really think about it. Trailer is great, its gotten me excited as I’m sure it has all of you…all our favorites are back…even Vader apparently in some way or form, or at least his skull gets TV time.

to bring up the mood, here’s the Emperor on an escalator

Still a ways before the movie comes out and hopefully, we find out more beforehand, until then

May The Force Be With You!

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  1. Pretty excited about this too! I’ve watched each episode about thrice or something and I like Attack of the Clones for the prequels while The Empire Strikes Back was my favourite from the originals. The movie is looking pretty good as far as these trailers go so I hope we won’t be let down.

    Also, on another note, I saw your Gravatar picture and wondered why was it so familiar. Then it hit me – I have that poster on my wall! I’m pretty stoked to find a fellow Arsenal fan here! Let’s hope we make it to the FA Cup final this weekend. Cheers!

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