More than likely, you’ve had a job where you’ve had to serve other customers before…whether it be Fast Food, Retail etc you’ve had to meet complete strangers on a daily basis and perhaps, you’ve met the one rare one that can take offence to pretty much anything. The type of person that thrives on making someone else’s life miserable, we all know the ones.

I had a customer that complained about me recently, saying that I was asking personal questions and now they are saying they will not return to my till

How long have you been married?

How old are your children?

When did you have them?

Now, here’s an explanation about these questions, which by the way can easily be used in any conversation, it’s not one of those really offensive questions. I am a 24 yr old male who is getting married next year and am also thinking about having a child with my fiance in the next couple of years, some advice and a range of when people decide to make that decision can help someone wanting to be a father out, no offense was meant but I had no idea telling people how old your children are was such a bad thing.

Not only that but I have Aspergers and have been struggling with the Think 25 asking as of late…I’m just about there but I only asked these questions mainly to guess her age.

So yeah, a customer complained about that and now….I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, I’m praying I don’t get fired. Imagine that in a conversation

”Why did you lose your last job?”

”I asked a woman how old she was when she got married”

My personnel manager doesn’t think I’ll get in any trouble and has told me to not lose any sleep over it but I personally, can’t see what was so offensive to this woman that she waited for a week, then complained about it…she waited a whole week, came shopping and then complained….didn’t do it right away when it happened, oh no…waited 7 days

So now, I don’t know what will happen, I hope I don’t get fired…for the darn awful thing I did..minus the swearing and violence…which their were none of, just questions so I could guess a customers age, a scared little Aspergic boy not wanting to get in any trouble….ironically gets into trouble and now is scared

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