Life is far to short to worry about the bad things in life or I think anyway. Today, for example I was worrying about work but I have overcome and moved on because it’s just not worth getting so worked up about, life is more important than that, far more important. Start the next day afresh, a restart so to say, leave what happened yesterday, YESTERDAY! a new adventure starts today, yipee!

I worry about so many little things, it’s embarrassing, really it is. Always have, hopefully I always won’t. Miracles can happen. I let things get on top sometimes and I like to write to vent my frustrations I guess in a way. It makes me feel better knowing I can express my feelings to the world and let people know a little bit about me and what I stand for, what I can do and what I can bring to hopefully make you smile and read more…please follow me haha

  • Work getting you down?
  • That assignment making you pull your hair out?
  • Struggle to make friends?

Don’t worry about it, just sit back and smile about it all, it’s all part of life’s journey after all. We all have our ups and downs but what’s important is how we bounce back and overcome all of life’s slaps to our faces, when it knocks us off our Horses, we just have to get back up and get on that Horse again. Screw negativity and what some people bring, don’t let them bring you down! After all, everyone has a bad day every now and then, its inevitable but having a good day is also very likely to happen so embrace the good and overcome the bad


Although, If I could get a tattoo on my forehead saying ”Stop Worrying, I would!!!! every time I’d look in the mirror, I’d remember and smile. Perhaps it’s me always thinking the world is full of nice people and many are but their are bad eggs out there, and for me, that’s a shame.

Anyway, this song more or likely will make you smile so enjoy!



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