I decided to go with a good group of friends to a Theme Park called Lightwater Valley, for a nice day out and all, why not, it’s a theme park! they are automatically awesome, without question. Their were 2 car groups going and my group was able to get their first….by quite some distance to be fair so we had to wait for a while until they finally arrived and we could have a picture taken with the park’s Angry Bird


A roller coaster called the Ultimate, the second longest roller coaster in the world, taking 7 minutes and 34 seconds to get around it all, held victim to the destruction of my mobile phone which was in my pocket during the ride. As the ride passes through the forest, it dives and darts around sharp corners through tunnels and between trees and at some point in this section, I was jolted so violently by one of the corners, my phone was shattered, pretty much to the four winds. WARNING- THIS RIDE SMASHES PHONES IN YOUR POCKET AND SADLY…DEER


“UltimateLifthills” by Stefan Scheer – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:UltimateLifthills.jpg#/media/File:UltimateLifthills.jpg


I held my smashed up phone in my hands, their was no salvaging it, it was gone. That phone still had a year left on it’s contract and it was gone…which was annoying because I couldn’t contact my fiance or my family until I got back home but not even a smashed up phone could ruin the fun I was having that day but the day after, the effects were clear..I needed a new phone. I really like that Samsung as well and for some reason, I decided to go and get a new I Phone…kind of regret that now as it’s not as good as my old phone….with it’s update, after update, after update…EVERY WEEK!

This ride here in the picture bellow….was stolen from the depths as Hell, I just know that. This machine is a torture device that I will never ride ever again, it is truly evil. I hate spinny rides like Waltzers, Rides that flip you upside down in the air at speed I despise to no end…so why on Earth would I suddenly decide to go on a brand new ride like this!7162371889_dd3abed760_b

Worst decision of my life really because i felt really bad afterwards, sick in fact…I ran to the nearest facilities and spent numerous minutes…recovering, so to say. From what I remember afterwards, I got a round of applause strangely from the gang…no idea why, maybe it’s a code thing that you got to a point that you threw it all back up…literally.  The rest of the day was fun as well but the best part amazingly was the little skate kart track that they have their, you just grab a little board like kart, sit on it and wheel yourself down the hill and around the corners, like a race. This took up a lot of our time during the afternoon as it was so much fun, racing against one another.

It’s a really good park to go to with friends, so much to do and see in a day. Even has a petting zoo, that George wanted to look around. It was a school day when we went so it was quite quiet that day. I was able to go on the Ultimate about 5 times at least…probably explains why my phone smashed….oh well

Until Next Time

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