Good evening, it’s night time here and it’s almost time to head to bed but first, check everything is in order! What I mean by this is to make sure nothing is wrong before going up to bed. I’m new the place I live and getting used to the sounds at night is a challenge and a half, especially as this house is quite old so creeks are not uncommon.

Ever had to move house, such as moving out of your parents house into your own? 9/10 do and it’s a clinical moment in anyone’s life but whether your living with a friend, partner or by yourself, theres one thing that hasn’t been taken into account…your house once all the lights are off. It’s the first time you’ve slept in this house and it’s a quiet night…you’ve not seen all of the house yet but your aware of the attic above your head, right? Or that basement you haven’t found time to dump your junk into yet…you were tired unpacking after all. Have you done your research on this place, know the history of it, who the previous owners were or anything like that? No joke, I had a neighbor who got a knock on their door one night, it woke me up and I went to the window to see what was going on…an old man was stood their and he claimed to be the owner of the house and after a back and forth went on, it was discovered that he had once lived their fifty years ago! Quite bizarre, very unlikely but it can happen! I’d get those locks changed the minute you move in, to be safe.

What are we saying, nothing strange ever happens to regular people right? Unless they do. No one is in your attic! So the next time you hear a strange bang and you have no idea where it came from…don’t look in the Attic…that’s just too creepy. Especially if you find someone up there! spook you for life that would!

Yet it happens!–

If I found a stranger in my attic, I’d call the police, that and wonder how the heck they got in the first place! wearing my clothes and eating my food! stay off my Hula Hoops you creep! Anyway, throughout history, many people have snuck into others houses for whatever reason but that’s not the only reason to be afraid of night time, their are many other things that can cause you to not get a good nights sleep in your home…if you believe in ghosts, that is.

Yeah, seeing that on my stairs would cause me to pass out. It wouldn’t be so strange for a house to claim it’s haunted, unless your house is brand new but for houses that have been about for centuries, chances are they are somewhat haunted. I for one saw a ghost at Hampton Court last year in London, an experience that I will never be able to forget…you just can’t forget the face…the eyes…the blank expression…stone cold…terrifying, I want to move on!Brown_lady

You’ll hear the odd strange noise but it’s probably coming from outside, nothing to worry about, right? The front door’s locked and the keys are hung up on the hook. It wouldn’t be so surprising to be a bit jumpy on your first night…your not used to the place yet. A whistle noise enters your ears…it’s an echoed noise and you have no idea where it’s coming from, you become nervous and think about going to have a look but you hesitate. Remember it’s probably nothing…unless it’s not

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Maybe the guy was in the attic, either that or…under the floorboards in the barn but Hinterkaifeck is proof that somehow, someway…a stranger can sneak onto your area and hide their…creepy but it does happen, all over the world. The quiet darkness is a powerful that can easily scare just about anyone, the best thing to do is just sleep and pray you wake up the next morning.

To finish off, I’ll prove that day time is a lot more better than night time by picture comparison, that nighttime is something to not be taken lightly.

                         Day time
                    Night Time



  1. You are correct; one must always check there attic. There could be a whole hippie commune living up there! Oh, and if you want to be really creeped out at night in your house watch that movie Dark Skies!…it’s been months and I still see skinny figures in the darkness when I wake up sometime…crap guess I’m not sleeping now >.>

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