Many people are fleeing the war stricken country of Syria, wanting a better live for themselves and their families but what dies the rest of Europe, the countries the Migrants are trying to reach think about this?

Bellow is a few comments I found online, from various European Countries on the Drownings of the Migrants in the last few days

  • What needs to be done, needs to be done for them starting in their own Countries, not European Countries. Tiny Islands like UK etc should NOT be bullied with a guilt trip to take these people in. Yes its terrible what’s happened. But as they say, charity begins at home!
  • Blame the EU and human rights for this tragedy now send every survivor immediately back to Africa and send a clear message every illegal will be deported immediately.
  • So what its there own fault stay in your own country we don’t want u!
  • Should stay in there on country them that gave survived will end up here claiming our benifits taking our jobs using our nhs n taking our children’s places in schools does my head in n time we closed the gates and started looking after them that need it here none if these countries would help us if we need it
  • And this is front page news why?
  • By all means rescue them, and take them back to Libya, not Italy
  • 900 less to worry about. These people would have contributed nothing anyway.

All of these quotes are genuine and needless to say, a few individuals actually had little to no sympathy…for many people drowning…note how i call them people and not rats like I found a plenty online and in Newspapers today. The issue with Immigration and Europe isn’t exactly new, its something that has been around for a very long time, longer than we might actually believe but what we must realise that despite ill feelings towards immigrants coming into countries such as U.K, Germany, Spain, France etc is that they are HUMAN, not vermin, they breathe and bleed just like you do and deserve a chance at life, they took a chance at a better life, albeit there were risks and it ended up costing them their lives.

More than 900 people died in this disaster but apart from R.I.P statements, many comments made are the relief that countries don’t have more immigrants to feed, house and pay which begs the question?

  • Where’s the compassion for your fellow-man?

When does it get to the point that people behind their computer desks can express how they really feel, even if their comments are monstrous towards people who have literally drowned recently. Yes we have freedom of speech but surely…theres a point where it just gets ridiculous, what, are we all like Katie Hopkins now?

This appears to be an issue that many struggle to have sympathy for, although many do have sympathy which is great because at the end of the day, many people died a horrific death, in the sea and all most people seemed to care about was that they failed to reach their destination, even though this isn’t the first time Migrants have drowned trying to come to Europe


November 2014: An Italian naval operation in the southern Mediterranean, known as “Mare Nostrum” is cancelled and replaced by Operation Triton, a far smaller EU mission with a third of the budget, that will run until at least the end of 2015.

January – March: At least 480 migrants lost their lives in the Mediterranean compared with fewer than 50 fatalities during the same period last year, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

Sunday, April 5: Italian Naval and coast guard ships rescue around 1,500 migrants aboard five boats in the southern Mediterranean in less than 24 hours.

April 10-12: The Italian coastguard said 5,629 people were rescued from 22 different vessels in one weekend. At least nine people died when an overcrowded migrant boat capsized off the coast of Libya and 144 more were rescued. Around 3,500 people are estimated to have drowned and 170,000 reached Italy as the migrant crisis intensifies with continuing instability in Libya.

Monday, April 13: Hundreds drown after a packed migrant boat capsizes. Survivors said at least 500 people were on board when it sank 75 miles off the Italian island of Lampedusa. With 145 people rescued, approximately 350 were unaccounted for, probably drowned.

Thursday April 16: Forty-one people drown trying to reach Italy by boat from Libya. Meanwhile, Italian police arrest 15 African men suspected of throwing about a dozen Christians from a migrant boat in the Mediterranean.

Sunday, April 19: A smuggler’s boat carrying 950 people, some locked in the hold, capsizes off Libya’s coast in what is feared to be the Mediterranean’s deadliest known migrant tragedy. It is thought as many as 700 people died.

Eighteen ships join the rescue effort, but only 28 survivors and 24 bodies were pulled from the water which is too deep for divers, suggesting the final toll may never be known.

Monday, April 20: European Union foreign ministers hold a moment’s silence in an emergency meeting as bodies of the deadliest known wreck of its kind were brought ashore in Malta.

A distress call is made to Rome about a sinking vessel with around 300 people on board and up to 20 fatalities, while another two boats are also in need of help.

In another incident at least three people, including a child, are believed to have died and 90 were rescued after a boat carrying migrants ran ashore off the coast of the Greek island of Rhodes.

And this is one from NBC.COM

Christmas 1996: 300 believed drowned in the waters between Malta and Sicily.

June 20, 2003: 50 corpses found, 160 migrants missing, 41 survivors in a shipwreck off Tunisia.

Oct. 20, 2003: At least 70 dead in waters off Sicily.

May 12, 2008: 50 dead off Sicily, including 47 who died aboard after suffering from exposure.

May 6, 2011: Boat carrying more than 600 migrants is shipwrecked off Libyan coast. Hundreds reported missing.

June 2, 2011: At least 270 missing from boat with 700 aboard sinks off Tunisian coast. July 10, 2012: Motorized rubber dinghy deflates between Libya and tiny Sicilian island of Lampedusa; 54 die.

Dec. 14-15, 2012: At least 21 people die, six missing after boat sinks off Greek island of Lesbos.

Aug. 10, 2013: Six migrants drown, 94 rescued some 15 meters (50 feet) off a crowded swimming beach in Catania, Sicily.

Oct. 3, 2013: 366 people die, 155 survive after shipwreck off Lampedusa.

Jan. 20, 2014: 12 people, including nine children, drown when boat overturns near Greek island of Farmakonis.

Feb. 6, 2014: At least 15 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa die while swimming from Moroccan coast as they try to reach Spanish enclave of Ceuta. Police fire rubber bullets at the swimmers to force them back to Morocco.

Sept. 10, 2014: Some 500 Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians and Sudanese drown after their boat is rammed by another boat of human traffickers off Malta.

Sept. 14, 2014: Libyan navy reports 26 rescued from a boat carrying 250 migrants off Libyan coast. About 200 missing and presumed dead.

Feb. 8-9, 2015: At least 29 die and 300 people reported missing after four boats become waterlogged in the frigid sea after leaving Libya.

April 12, 2015: Nine confirmed dead after boat capsizes off Libya. Some of the 144 survivors tell aid workers that about 400 aboard drowned.

April 15, 2015: Christian survivors from a boat of African migrants arriving in Palermo, Sicily, tell Italian authorities that Muslim passengers threw 12 migrants overboard to their deaths when fighting broke out on board.

April 19, 2015: A major search-and-rescue operation is ongoing after a migrant boat with up to 700 on board capsized in Libyan waters, south of Italy. At least 24 were confirmed dead as of Sunday afternoon, but hundreds are missing.

R.I.P to the poor people that lost their lives in a bid for a better one

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