Hello and welcome, wherever you are reading this in the world, whether it be America, Britain, Europe, Asia or any other…welcome to 1. I will ask you to not be afraid, after all, it is all just a part of life, no matter how strange, horrible or amazing it can really be. If your squeamish then it may not be best to follow this series as it looks into the parts of life that have no real explanations and leave you either coming up with your own theories or you’ll suffer sleepless nights, afraid to open your bedroom door after you’ve shut the lights off, you have been warned.

Life is a mystery, ain’t it. one thing after another where the strangest things can go unexplained, never having an answer as to how, who or why it happened. More than likely as you read this right now, someone out their in the world has gone missing, another animal will have been poached and as the moon rises up in the sky in one place, the sun rises in another. Life goes on no matter what, right? If you were to one day be murdered or disappear, life would not just suddenly stop, it’ll continue on and always do, it waits for no one.

However, it doesn’t have to be such a scary place, right? I mean if your reading this, chances are your sat in front of a computer or an I Pad…unless your reading this on your phone then who knows, you could be sat in the middle of a misty graveyard in the middle of the night….if that’s your kind of thing. More than likely, this place is a nice, safe and wonderful place to be, to read a nice blog with a drink and maybe a little snack. It’s one thing to read about weird happenings throughout time and all but it’s another to experience it for yourself but wait! The mysterious stuff will never happen to any of you right??? I mean how many people do you know in your area that has ever one day vanished, never to be seen again?

What fascinates me about murder is in the way that they happen, the ranges you see and the obsession to come to a conclusion to close the case, what happened, who did it and why? So many people have just one day started their days as usual without a reason for doing so, as far as we’re aware are murdered….just gone, like that and if you think about it, that’s a scary thought because it’s so easy for someone to do, if you think about it properly and your clever, like so many of the people who have murdered in the past, well the ones who did so on their own grounds, many haven’t had a choice in the matter but the ones in this situation are still shrouded in mystery.

We will start of in 1100 England today as we look into the mystery of a King’s Death, William II


Son to the famous William The Conqueror who defeated Harold II and won the Battle of Hastings in 1066 (Very famous) and had claimed England as his own. However in 1087, William I died and the kingdom of England was left to his Third born son, William, he had two older brothers called Robert and Richard, why Robert nor Richard became King is simple, Robert was given Normandy to rule over and Richard had died in 1075 whilst Hunting . This king’s reign started off badly from the get go as a rebellion in 1088 in favor of Robert threatened his reign. William and Robert were natural enemies as many siblings are, however Robert never turned up in England so William won favor of his people and crushed the rebellion, the two brother patched things up and all seemed well, or was it?

The year after the rebellion, William’s adviser, Lanfrac who was the Archbishop of Canterbury died in 1089 and William spent years replacing him until 1093, due to a serious illness, the king made a man called Anselm as Archbishop, a Norman-Italian but this did not go down to well with the King and it caused a divide in relations between Church and State as Anseim would always disagree with the King.

“Yesterday I hated him with great hatred, today I hate him with yet greater hatred and he can be certain that tomorrow and thereafter I shall hate him continually with ever fiercer and more bitter hatred”-William II

Towards the end of his reign, William raised taxes in order to fund his Brother Robert’s desire to join the first Crusade in 1096, 10,000 marks. In return for the money, William reigned as regent in Normandy and used this as a chance to invade France which was somewhat successful as he took over Maine, however the King was an unpopular figure in England, not only for raising high taxes but the Church couldn’t stand him and when you see what happens next to the King, it’s not a surprise really.


Year-2nd August 1100

Location- New Forest, England


What else were you expecting? The man was unpopular with everyone, he had had many conflicts with the Church and had raised taxes too much and on a fateful day, The King would go out Hunting in the New Forest and of course he was murdered, you can’t convince me otherwise that it was an accident. Not to mention that the King was hated by all for his policies against the Church.

Walter Tirel, the best shot in the country said that he had been aiming for a Stag but instead, he missed his shot and hit the King, in his lung, his men abandoned him as he died in fear of rebellion and they had land to protect which seems legit but at the same time, how does the best shot in the country miss a creature by so much yet hit the King in a vital area that ended up with his death? Not just that but was it just a coincidence that William’s younger brother Henry was also in the Hunting Party and how he left for Winchester immediately as his brother died to weigh up the treasury? No mourning for your family or anything? Oh wait, chances are Henry hired Walter to assassinate his unpopular brother and then he could claim the throne as his own before Robert returned from the Crusades.

William’s body was found by peasants and flung onto the back of a cart before being brought to Winchester where his body remains to this day. Henry elected himself as King the very next day and became Henry I

‘an act of god’ the Church called it, sounds like no cared that the King was just murdered, a man appointed by god to rule the country, everyone believed in that back then but the way the Church talks about William, it would be like the Devil was their King and they wanted to be freed, by any means.


Clearly, Henry, right? he had the most to gain from his brother’s death, after all, they were intense rivals…all the brothers didn’t like one another and whereas, William and Robert had lands to rule over, Henry was given money by their Father…money well spent some might say. Although it’s not proven that William was murdered, it looks incredibly likely that this is the case.

  • The King was hated by all and he hated the English
  • Robert and William would likely have fought again once Robert returned
  • The Church was a massive figure in daily life
  • The King had angered the Church
  • The King had raised Taxes
  • The King…was just a bully

Murder can come in all shapes and sizes but in this case, it’s a family matter to get to power, family ties mean nothing if a throne is on the line…well with this family anyway. A King shot down and left to die, abandoned by all except for Peasants who didn’t seem to care either, they flung the dead king onto a cart, not a very dignified end but then again, he was never a Dignified ruler to begin with so the end was justified.

See you all next time and let’s hope in your family, there’s no big prize on the line that you fight over…lock up your bows and arrows right now

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