Life is wonderful, isn’t it. It continues to surprise you at every turn, whether it be good or bad is another matter! This week has been a good one for me for example, the weather has been fantastic where I am, The sunshine was amazing, hot and just beautiful, although it was fading away by this afternoon, looks like the clouds and rain are returning with rumors of snow and arctic like winds for Britain next week! Hooray (sarcasm)

The Avengers is out this week, why on a Thursday, I’LL NEVER KNOW! but who cares, me want to see Avengers bad! I’ll be going tomorrow to see it. THIS IS CRAZY! so many good movies out in the next few years




THIS IS CRAZY! I might as well just move into my local cinema and live there forever! So many good new movies to come out! This is just one of the things that makes life worth it people, something to work towards! However with the beginning of something great came the end to something great as well. As many will know, the end of this particular show in the UK has come about and I know most of the world watches it but the major effects were felt here. Say what you will about what happened, Top Gear will never be the same again, whoever takes over for these three…they won’t be as good, they just can’t be! Sue Perkins could be ruled out, hopefully! I don’t hate her but she wouldn’t make me want to watch the show at all, her lame jokes make me not watch British Bake Off! ruins the show for me but that’s just me. It’s a shame as I really enjoyed this show, I had all of the DVD’S and wanted to see them live but won’t get that chance now! Although, I don’t agree with what Jeremy Clarkson did…just a shame the show had to end the way it did.

I think I’m going movie crazy at the moment, so many good films to come out, yet they feel an eternity away! NOT FAIR! Top Gear is more or less gone! The weather in Britain appears to be bi polar as it’s mood can turn so suddenly and be extreme, oh well…can’t fight nature!

A good week!

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