Hi guys, my names Jeremy and this blog is going out to all of those people who enjoy reading about other peoples lives on blogging websites, let me ask you all a serious question, JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BLOGGING ABOUT! I’ve scrolled through so many of these stupid things and the stuff you write about is just so pointless and boring, you actually think people read these things and benefit from them! No!

I know what you’ll be thinking, I’m using a blog to write about this right? HAHAHAHA so bloody clever, ain’t ya! Well I got news for you, I am clever and even though I’m using a blog to complain about blogs! I make a point, because writing a blog is basically writing a diary, it’s a modern version in fact….screw pen and paper when we have keyboards…soon to be replaced by voice command!

I mean, is this any different from being on Facebook, you read about people’s boring lives like, I went a bought some milk today lol WHO CARES! WHY DOES THE INTERNET NEED TO KNOW THAT POINTLESS INFORMATION! damn it world, countless selfies of you smiling with your friends….that’s nice but can’t you do anything else but post 8 of the same damn pictures online at the same time, ego trips much? wooo we go out clubbing and have to have hundreds of pictures of us drunk and smiling like goofs so the world knows that we’re all friends! then I’ll bombard my Facebook with them all so everyone I know can look at them and like them before commenting on how awesome I am as a person.

That’s the darn mindset of most college students who have nothing better to do! READ A BOOK OR SOMETHING! If your going to blog then make it something that will benefit others or at least cheer them up but I DON’T NEED TO READ AND SEE PICTURES OF YOU GETTING WASTED, HOW DOES THAT BENEFIT ME OR ANYONE IN FACT YOU EGO MANIAC!

SIGH DAMN IT PEOPLE, just damn it!

I’m out of here

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