Warning: This blog contains SPOILERS!!

Although to the dude sat behind me, thanks for kicking the back of my seat again and again! really appreciated that….I mean that’s what I paid £12 for, for an old man who had a miserable look on him the entire movie, you ever had anyone kick your seat?. My fiance bought a bottle of water for 2.28! for Water, that’s a rip off! ever bought food at your cinema for a ridiculous price? That wasn’t enough to ruin my outing though! I was here to watch the Avengers Movie and that’s what I did.

Avengers return to the big screen and it was just awesome, well worth the wait. I just love Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in this move but Thor is also up there, then again, so is Captain America, they are all awesome in this movie as they look to locate Loki’s scepter from Hydra and we see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch which was awesome. I also grew to like Black Widow and Hawkeye who has a girlfriend…must be an impostor! in this one as well, to my shock, I cared about them unlike the first movie. However one thing I noticed about the Hulk…he didn’t want to be the Hulk in public yet in the first movie, he seemed to have gained complete control over his transformations….doesn’t seem to anymore, weird really but what can you do?

Ironman being cocky as usual, wanting to mess about with Artificial Life, not listening to others on the matter, keeping it a secret from his teammates until it was too late and well…just being typical Ironman, much to the annoyance of Thor it seemed. throughout the movie, it felt like slight tension between Captain America and Ironman, not much but you knew it was their as the Cap was against Ironman’s plans and way of thinking and was more shocked when Thor helped Ironman and Banner finish off their creation of Vision, even though he turned out to be a member of the new Avengers in the end. Still, can’t wait for the next film


I liked Ultron as the main bad guy in this one, his creepy voice was just great…creepy sounding and despite what he said throughout the movie, it was obvious as to what his intentions were and it sure wasn’t anything to do with building a snowman! forming an alliance with The two twins, they set out to wipe out the Avengers but for Ultron there’s more behind it, he wants to make the ultimate life form using technology from Stark. Funny how much Ultron is like Ironman in this, witty remarks and misunderstanding of what it was to save the planet, it’s quite intriguing to follow along with. One complaint would be as to how easy many characters destroyed different Ultrons throughout the movie, with little to no effort really. Still though, I preferred Loki as a villain in the first movie, not that Ultron was bad or anything, he was very good…I just prefer Loki.


Also Hulk Buster vs Hulk was awesome although was surprised as how it came to be with Scarlet Witch using her powers to influence the Hulk’s mind…loved every moment of the fight and the ending was just hilarious, won’t say much about the fight but check it out, watch it again and again! that poor building! Best bit of the movie for me, although the final fight between Ultrons forces and the Avengers was very good as well, especially the sad part when Quicksilver gives up his life to protect Hawkeye! Nope, I didn’t see that one coming!

The ending confused me slightly! Hulk flying a plane into the ocean, Ironman leaving the Avengers, Thor returning to Asgard and Vision along with others became the new Avengers…guess that will lead into the Civil War movie before the Infinity War Double, wonder how Hulk, Thor and the others will have a role in the wars?

Score, 9.5/10

I need these Razors in my life!!!!


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