Ever thought you and your partner needed to learn how to work together? Colliding over how to do household chores and such can cause strife between the two so I thought of a co op game to learn how to work together and I remembered of a really good one from the XBOX 360 days, Portal 2….what on earth was I thinking as my fiance had never really been on a Xbox before, let alone done anything like Portal before!

Enjoyed being the small robot while she was the tall one who kept banging into the walls and into the water where they would be electrocuted to death, to my amusement.

The first couple of levels really were not very good as she couldn’t learn the controls for the Xbox really, let alone know any of the choices from the periodic table….science isn’t her strong point but she tried her best. As time got along, Emma slowly began to get better, even coming up with ways to complete a couple of tests which impressed me but as we came to a sort of maze type one when one had to grab a cube from this yellow block maze, we both ended up getting crushed and stuck in the maze each time we tried it out, causing us both to lose our tempers and call it a day, not got very far yet and I have no idea how long it would take for us to complete the game, if that’s even possible but we shall wait and see, won’t we….will a couple be able to overcome their egos and defeat a challenging game like Portal or will they both become frustrated and never want to play games together again!

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