Today me and my fiance decided to go to Leeds which is in West Yorkshire, to see the new avengers movie age of Ultron. It was a nice sunny day in Leeds surprisingly compared to what I was when we came from it was cloudy and raining all morning so that’s a good start to the day we decided to go and get lunch straight away so we went to the nearest McDonald’s just to try out the new monopoly again because I decided to stay away from it this year because I never win anything at all. To my surprise the new McDonald’s is all computerised in what I mean by that is you can order your meal from these little computer screens and then take a coupon and collect your meal at the collect desk which was a little weird but hey, that’s the future right?

I went for the chicken legend with mayo media mail I thought that might get me a few stickers but to my surprise as I was finally able to find a table to sit at, with another family because it was that busy, my mail had no stickers I have no idea why that was because they were promoting the monopoly stickers events all over the place yet I had no stickers with my meal and as I looked around no one did. As well as this the meal was a bit disappointing actually, the chips weren’t as salty as they normally are and the drink wasn’t as dilutive it as it normally is not to mention I didn’t get any stickers so that was disappointing in the end McDonald’s I normally, I’m normally more satisfied with you but today I wasn’t. 



Meal gets a 5/10 

After that we looked around the shops for a little bit because the film wasn’t until 3:45 PM and as we looked about we saw bands playing about on the streets and is it was just general generally busy today in the city centre which is always nice to see. We decided to perches portal 2, so we could work on our teamwork and to have some fun as well after that we went to the cinema to purchase our tickets and the line was very very long and the cinema was promoting avenger cups with characters on top of the cups. I wanted one but unfortunately, they only had black widow ones so I didn’t bother, not to say that I don’t like black widow but I would have preferred off Thor or Ironman cup. To my surprise, you now have to buy your own 3-D glasses to watch a 3-D movie and the total price for the movie today was £12, that’s like 3 pounds more than what it used to be! Not to mention you have to purchase the glasses and then keep them afterwards,  I used to just throw them away, not any more.

Some people just have more money than sense I guess, I mean I cant always afford to pay £12 to pay to see a movie every single week. I don’t know about you? But there you go, we decided to not buy any snacks well my fiance bought some water for £2.22 p that’s extortionate, that much for water! Then as we go into the cinema we are asked if we have 3-D glasses and we say no even though we’ve paid for some so after they look at a receipt, they reluctantly give us some. Wasn’t that nice of them? Then as we get into the actual cinema where the movie is showing, A couple sit behind us and they are as noisy as ever, one has a can of beer in his hand and all he does throughout the entire movie is kick my seat again and again, cough all the way through, always go outside for a smoke and argue with his girlfriend, yeah that is where my £12 has gone but apart from that, it was a very good movie.

When we left the cinema, the heavens had opened and it poured with rain. We then decided to go to KFC and get a meal, I know what you’re thinking, didn’t they already go to McDonald’s today? Yes we did but we were so disappointed and not full that we thought we have something else, it was a one off. I had the big daddy box meal and Emma had the mega box meal which was a lot more filling then any McDonald’s meal. 



Meal gets an 8/10

So overall it was a great day out we had fun, saw a great movie and had some good food. I like Leeds, it’s a nice city to go and spend the day at.

Until next time 

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