TheMattAttack looks at WWE extreme rules PPV and we kick off with the kickoff show that features Neville taking on Barrett although Barrett was meant to face Daniel Bryan but Bryan was pulled from the event due to injury boats keeps the Intercontinental championship for whatever reason!

That is just some rubbish if you look at it there! Why is Daniel Bryan never stripped of a title until it’s too late? You could have removed the championship from him and had it contested between Neville and Barrett and Daniel could have had time off, which is what he needs!

The match itself was good, nothing extreme but a well fought match between the two Brits to kick off the show with Neville picking up the win with his red arrow.

I’m just going to talk about matches at random here so if I miss one, I apologise. First off let’s get the divas out the way! Very boring, not entertaining and the Divas are in big trouble. Naomi is boring, as are the Bella Twins. Naomi is finisher is just bad, use your arse as a weapon? I fought she was meant to be a face? And the Bellas were heels? WWE logic there! It just annoys me how the divas are so lacklustre right now, no AJ, no paige and no one worthwhile mentioning as a diva. I fear for the future of the Butterfly championship, oh well it was crap anyway! If the Bellas are the future of the divas division then the divas division may as well be dead.

Dean Ambrose versus Luke Harper in a Chicago street fight. Nice way to kick off the show with two wrestlers beating the daylights out of each other but where did they go? They just randomly went in a cab somewhere in Chicago but we never saw it, why? That would have been cool, two matches later they come back and finish the match in the ring, Dean Ambrose gets his first PPV win since splitting from the Shield! Big push coming!

New day are the new tagteam champions? WWE logic, they are terrible as faces or heels! Drop this now, Please! 

Roman Reigns versus big show in our last man standing match and it was… Pretty good, no really it was really good! See, At the Royal Rumble people were pissed because Daniel Bryan didn’t win the royal rumble yet Roman Reigns did, and look at the two of them now. Reigns beats big show and Bryan is injured, likely to forfeit his championship. Who said WWE does not know what they are doing? Great match, enjoyable yet predictable. Should be interesting to see what reigns does next! I smell a triple threat at Payback

John Cena defeats Rusev in the first televised Russian chain match (strap match) very predictable, not very good more burying of Rusev but it’s not over yet as we learn that Cena will face Rusev again…in an I Quit Match! Dum dun dunnnnnnn!!! Epic burying by WWE! 

Kiss me arse! Sheamus, oh wait, Ziggler, even though he won the match? Why? Ziggler won! A good match to be honest won by pinfall. Sheamus low blows Dolph, Brogue Kicks him and rubs his face against his pale white arse! Another comparison to Billy Gunn for Dolph! 

Seth Rollins take on Randy Orton in a steel cage match for the world championship and Kane is the gate bearer! Decent match with controversy as Seth uses the RK0 to beat Randy however it is unknown if the RKO was only banned for Randy or both wrestlers? I smell payback! Kane snaps and attacks both wrestlers which was good but we need the mask back on soon!

Decent I guess, wouldnt of paid full price for it

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