Welcome to Monday night raw, we have just had extreme rules and tonight we have the return of the King of the Ring tournament. Should be a good one me hopes! Just as long as the Celtic warrior doesn’t win it again!

Can’t wait for this, need to Brit to sit on the throne but that’s my wishful thinking! Being British and all! Tonight’s raw is held in Green Bay, Wisconsin! 

  • We have Ziggler versus Barrett
  • R truth versus stardust
  • Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus
  • Neville vs Luke Harper

Out comes Seth Rollins looking smug as ever! He is a good heel but he is annoying but that means he’s doing his job! We look back at the replays and see Seth Rollins using the banned move the RKO.

Why is Rollins such a Wimpy, complaining little bitch! He was never like this in the shield. We all know what he can do so if he is a heel then why does he need to act like this? You never saw Brock Lesnar Act like this although other heels have shown these qualities in the past. I guess if Seth Rollins annoys you then he’s doing a good job, like Stephanie McMahon unfortunately! Seth thanks Kane even though the big red machine choke slammed him! Crypt keeper? An old relic from the 90s?! I swear Kane will face Rollins in the future. 

Seth and Kane argue but Randy Orton comes out,  demanding a rematch! Excuses alore, Seth refuses but then Roman Reigns comes out and he has stakes in this as he defeated Big Show at Extreme Rules! By the way, anyone noticing the cheers Kane has received tonight? And Roman Reigns, screw Internet fans sometimes! They don’t always know what they’re talking about! Justin Bieber and Seth Rollins, can you tell the difference?

Bet you anything Randy Orton versus Roman Reigns winner faces Seth Rollins at Payback! Tagteam match? Never mind then, cane in Seth Rollins versus Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. WWE fans decide who faces Seth Rollins at Payback?

Ziggler vs BNB

Here we go, Zigler with his face removed from Sheamus’s White pasty arse! Most humiliating moment of his career? So being a cheerleader wasnt embarrassing? Both Ziggler and BNB need a win after last night but I think Barrett needs this more! King Barrett sounds good to me.

The two fight and Barrett gets early control, Ziggler does what he does and fights back. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t rate Ziggler that much, I don’t know, all he does is yell when he wrestles and talks about how good he is all the time! Then complains if he isn’t given chances yet I think he has! 

Finals are to be shown on the WWENetwork , well I won’t be watching them then because I don’t have a network and I won’t be getting it, I just don’t see the big deal really

Dolph is good but I…I prefer wrestlers like Rollins, Ambrose, Wyatt and BNB, but I’m not massive fans of Ziggler or Bryan! They are forced on fans as well in a way because people complain if they don’t get pushed than WwE is made to somewhat push them! Just an opinion. 

Sheamus distracts Ziggler with images of last night and BNB hits him with a Bullhammer for the win! Barrett advances to the Semi Finals! 

New day sucks, new day sucks, new day sucks and so on and so forth, why are they tagteam champions? Really, he’s goofballs? Did you guys get the head of the divas division two now and write for the tagteam division?

Worst Entrance music in history! No one is getting behind this group! I like that their heels but I thought they were going to be better than this! That’s just boring! Very boring in fact! Please go away and come back with a better idea, this idea is ruining Big E and Kofi, Xavier Woods can sod off to TNA for all I care. 

If the Lucha Dragons get the championships from this than fine! But this idea is just bad, even by WWE Standards, this is bad! 

Don’t you just love Lana? Those curves, but smile and everything else, I’d love the divas division if she became champion. 

Another United States open challenge so then, a months worth of victories for Cena then? You’d be an idiot to think anyone is taking that belt off Cena before Payback! 

Feeding time for Ryback who faces Bo Dallas, Who is dull at the moment, need something new. Is the man whose undefeated streak was ended by R truth, that’s just embarrassing!Ryback  takes it to Dallas as we all expected. He goes for shellshock, and nails it for the victory! No shock there just as there is no shock that Bray Wyatt has come out, thanks Internet for that. Sister Abigail To Ryback! So another meaningless feud for Wyatt, the new face of fear?! Yeah, ok then! He’s going to talk us to death and wrestle twice a month? Now that’s scary!

Cena time! Who will he bury tonight?! Probably a promising upcoming star and all but Neville is in the KOTR, thank goodness! THE CHAMP IS HERE! Ow my ears! Chain match (strap match) I quit match at PAyback, the ultimate burial of Rusev (do your research people and you’ll know why Rusev doesn’t have a chance!)

  • But what if Rusev says it in Russian?

Yeah but remember, this is WWE, maybe neither will say it and Cena will pass out, or they do what the Rock did in his I Quit Match and used a recording of Mankind saying “I Quit!”

Face it, Cena will win at Payback! Heath Slater, bwahahaha no way, please someone take him out and take his place! Might use this as my bathroom break than the Divas Match…nah this will still be better by a mile! RUSEV! Destroys Slater but will he face Cena? Oh Lana?! No Rusev, don’t send her away, you monster! 

We want Lana! 

Rusev can speak English so I bet that’s the scapegoat for WWE at Payback! Cena won’t say it, WWE would never give us that! So wait? No Open challenge? I demand a refund!

Seth yells at Kane for giving the fans the choice to decide and calls Kane stupid! Kane calls him a tattle tale! Oh WWE, so childish.

  • Randy Orton
  • Roman Reigns
  • Randy Orton and Roman Reigns in a triple threat Match 

I Wonder what it will be?! 

Truth versus Stardust 

King Truth, to get rid of spiders. Sounds hilarious WWE. R Truth to win this sadly and face Barrett face vs heel people it’s how it works. Don’t worry I don’t want Truth to win either!

Fans chant for Cody but apparently he’s dead! Stardust is the king and he makes sure that he lets King Booka! Know that. Truth counters disaster kick and nails the lie detector for the win, told you so!

Da da da da dada, fandango time as he faces Adam Rose! Adam Rose people! Remember him and how he was undefeated once? I know, I can’t believe it either! 

Fandango just got beat by AdM Rose via a Rosa Mendes distraction who is now apparently a Rose Bid but no one cares really, zzzzzzz wow she’s desperate to kiss that.

Brie Mode! And apparently they mention Daniel Bryan and his injury…like they did last year, when he got injured! Well a bit before. So here we go again, oh wait, Naomi shove done badly, that was bad man. No wonder people prefer the Bellas to Naomi and you must be doing bad if people prefer the Bellas to you!

It’s like WWE wants us to hate the Divas or something, turn Naomi heel and make her just awful. Terrible attire, stupid glasses and little to no reaction from audience! Why WWE! Just why! 

No explanations for face or heel turns with Divas! They just happen! What does Brie Mode even mean? Oh, another Diva wins via a roll up…shocker! If u enjoyed this Match then your easily amused!

Ambrose vs Sheamus 

Bet you anything Harper and Ambrose went to Wendy’s inbetween their match! 

Ambrose: I want a Double Baconnator! 

Harper: get me a Gatorade and a slab of meat! 

Please don’t let Sheamus be king again! That was horrible last time! 

Booker T : Viking Dude!

Me: Facepalm! 

Back and forth and a decent match, a brawl between warriors, a missed brogue kick and a near fall. Cloverleaf locked in but Ambrose gets to the ropes! 

Ziggler causes DQ by attacking Sheamus which means that Sheamus advances, so bad luck for Ambrose really. Bit silly but oh well.

Damien Sandow!! And they use his actual name and gimmick! Finally!! The intellectual saviour or is he? We go through all of his past gimmicks, wow their were a few! Now we are back full circle, but where do we go from here? 

Axel mania?? This is stale now, the guy just gets beaten up by everyone…the new Sandow!! I feel bad for these two guys, talented wrestlers stuck in wrestling purgatory!! 

Your welcome! 

Neville vs Luke Harper

I predict a face win so Neville il back to beat Luke Harper.  Should be a great match! Harper won’t be easy to beat though. I think that was meant to be a powerbomb by Harper but was a botch?! 

Neville is just awesome, he has a future this kid! Please WWE! Don’t screw this one up?! Awesome powerbomb by Harper! Close call! Don’t worry America, you have R Truth to represent you! 

Red Arrow! A thing of beauty!! Neville wins!!! 

Barrett vs R Truth

Sheamus vs Neville

I’m calling a Barrett vs Neville Final!!

Main Event time

Quiet cheers for Reigns! Seriously, fans, make up your mind. You cheered him earlier. Orton of course is cheered much louder…I guess, has the audience fallen asleep?? 

Out come Kane and Rollins, they shake hands. Justin Bieber chants!! Now that’s just mean?! Would love to see Rollins mock Kane from 2000! He’d eat Rollins alive!

JBL is having a hissy fit over the possible outcome of a Triple Threat Match between Rollins, Orton and Reigns! Reigns has improved as a wrestler, il admit…Kane hasn’t got out of the box yet. After a distraction, Kane hurts Reigns via the ring post multiple times, Rollins comes to pick the bones but Reigns fights back as expected. 

I miss the mask. Seth prevents Reigns from tagging in Orton but only temporarily who takes out Rollins. Miscommunication between Kane and Rollins leads to Rollins Dropkicking Kane out of the ring. Then dives on him accidentally then attacks Rollins in a fit of rage which leads Randy to nail an RKO on Rollins for the win! 

We then find out that Rollins will face both Orton and Reigns atPayback for the championship with 78% win, then a spear to Rollins by Reigns

Goodnight nurse!

Overall a 8/10 show. It was very good actually although the audience lost it at times, sadly.

See you all next time 

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