Warning- this blog is voice recorded so don’t blame me for all the errors because I ain’t editing them, how good is an IPhones voice audio button?

Hello there, lovely evening were having don’t you think? It’s been an up-and-down day for the weather in England, one minute it’s sunny, the next minute it’s raining.

No real surprise there, I’ll be looking forward to going abroad in the summer for some nice sunshine hopefully. Europe this year, Japan the next, that’s a lot of travelling don’t you think? Also be done before I have my babies, what I mean by that is me and my fiance creating a family not via sims! 

Big responsibility but something that we want to do. Bit nervous really boats we want to become parents, everyone does right? I can hear the rain butter against the windows as I speak this and see a couple of errors already, or there but never mind, ignore them.

I can’t wait to see Tokyo, Kyoto, Akira Bara, Mount Fuji, I think the Hatchie what sorry darling had to dog dog statue that this is dog statue, I mean Hachi Dog statue! Siri iPhone no I said silly iPhone not Siri birth, your attention seeker phone you, jealous of cortana, huh IPhone?

I’m sure Japan will be in the adventure of a lifetime, but probably nothing compared to the adventure of being a parent, that one will be a challenge. Me orders time get faster as we get older? It seems to, only feels like yesterday that I started University, now it’s only a year until I get married! It goes by so fast, even realise, I said you don’t even realise!

Before Japan though, I go to Europe, where in Europe that is I do not know. Hope I get to see Germany her, or France, Italy, Denmark, check Republic, I’m so sorry hope I didn’t offend anyone with my horrible iPhone auto speller, oh well I said oh well, I’ll call at night it’s her night!

Il stop there guys, this iPhone is getting it all wrong now


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