another weekend comes and it’s raining outside, that’s just one wonderful but I’m not here to complain about the weather. Coming up with topics and stories to write about isn’t always the easiest thing to do, if your a writer, you’ll understand this! WRITERS BLOCK! 

I don’t feel blue, I feel Purple! I don’t need you to tell me what colour to feel! Purples my 2nd favourite colour, after blue of course! I don’t feel down or sad, more I feel full of wonder today, but getting up at 5am on a Saturday may do that to you? Still sort of dark but also a little light as well, it’s confusing!! 

I feel full of wonder about life because it’s never certain about anything, nothing is ever guaranteed to happen, is it? Well maybe the sun rising and setting! And the moon but not much else is 100% guaranteed well a few things but I won’t go into that! 

It’s fun to wonder just what might happen next! The past is what you’ve done, the present is what your doing right now which is reading this! As for the future, anything can happen, don’t you think?! Whether you decide to finish this article, that’s up to you, you have that option right now! Isn’t that nice? 

I always found it strange how things are done so differently around the globe, traditions and culture differences even though we are all human, some could appear like aliens to others. Not sure what the Spanish and English would have made of the Aztecs and Native Americans when they landed in their territories, different ways of life! E.g Aztecs cutting out the heart of a person for sacrifice! 

I just struggle to always understand why humans can sometimes struggle to get along with others. Like women were only given the right to vote just about 100 years ago and slavery was huge only 300 years ago, took a civil war for it to be banned in America! how did that come about when humans made the rules up that Men would be basically in charge of everything, must have been a strange meeting that somehow spread worldwide! Even though humans loved all over the world, mainly Europe and Asia (yes people lived elsewhere) men would be in charge and slavery would be ok, were we not all equal in the Stone Age or something? Was it a global meeting or one giant coincidence? History is written by the winners so…although in the Celts, women did fight alongside men! 

Into the future, people will more than likely make technological advances such as Robots to do most things, so what about Humans? Will we do anything or just rely on machines to do it all? Google make driverless cars and Japan are always making Robots! So will it be a good future or will it be a bad move by the human race to not really do anything anymore, I mean what about jobs if robots do it all?

I’m sure humans will do some things in the future, I mean…Futurama?! Who knows, I mean it’s 2015 and I don’t have a hooverboard yet! 

So this is what it is to feel Purple!


  1. Absolutely loved it, especially the part about the global decision that men would be in charge. I’ve always wondered that too. How did everyone in the world come to the same decision right in the stone age? Hah!!
    Really good piece!

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