This is called Having ‘Labels’ because, well we label ourselves don’t we?

  • I have Aspergers Syndrome
  • I know someone with Bi Polar

Just a couple of examples there that apparently make us different from others….and that is why? I always ask myself that question as to why it really makes us different from….a Human that doesn’t have anything different about them, does such a person exist in this day and age, I mean their are so many things that can make us different to others yet we label those who we deem different, we always have and likely always will do.

  • Colour
  • Sex
  • Sexuality
  • Race
  • Eating Habits…Being a Vegetarian, Meat Eater or Vegan
  • Mental Health
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • Interests
  • Habits

Is it a good thing though? To give out such things and call them conditions and by the way this isn’t to say people are using excuses for the ways they do or can’t do things at all, it just feels that as each year comes and goes, their are more and more conditions appearing that were not once there and I feel as if we just blame everything for something now…for example if you gain a lot of weight, some people would blame why they can’t lose it on something and I’ve heard obesity is a condition now? When I gained a bit of weight when I was 13, I joined a running club, I didn’t complain about it.

I understand, that’s the age we live in now…The internet dominates life, we all have phones, tablets or game consoles, heck even TV’S can access the internet now! Want to find a partner? look on the internet, shopping? Internet, Takeaway? internet, holiday to Lapland? you guessed it, internet and so on and so forth. it’s easier to do things from our computer seats now, even cyber bullying is a thing now where we insult others safely without giving away information about ourselves and such, you could probably insult anyone for whatever reason and chances are, you’ll get away with it.

I have Aspergers Syndrome but i do my utmost best to not it for anything that happens in my life, even though it’s damn hard to ignore that it’s there but I don’t want to because it feels like it’s controlling me. Maybe that’s just me, not wanting to have an excuse in case anything goes wrong but do I care that people know about my condition? No, why should I? And why should I not ever talk about, am I to feel ashamed about something out of my control? No! of course not because my Aspergers does not control how I live my life, I do that! I don’t take anything for it because I don’t need it, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke…never have needed to nor will I ever need to because for me, that just masks the issue and replaces it with another…hence not overcoming the problem, only creating another and showing that I can’t cope but I can…because I’m honest about it. I really don’t care if the world knows, I’ve done what I was told I could not by people who don’t have anything ‘wrong with them’ and most of them are on benefits now! That’s not me feeling happy about that but it’s a little frustrating when people used to pick on you saying you’ll never get anywhere in live yet they…do nothing and get money for it…ok then.

It’s like a superiority thing with people, if they don’t have any known conditions, health issues and are successful, it’s easy to look down at people who might not be as fortunate as they are. I mean, we as a species used to start wars over these issues! we looked down on races and insulted people who weren’t straight, we had slaves! we sacrificed humans in mass numbers to the gods! but why? it’s 2015 people, it’s been a long time since we left the Middle ages yet their are still people on this planet that are racist, homophobic, insult the disabled and bash other peoples religions.

I tend to not judge a person by a disability, sexual preference or skin colour, why would I, their a person right? they bleed and have feelings so why would I or anyone automatically abuse them for? No, I’d treat them as an equal because all that matters to me is what kind of person they are, if their nice, polite and kind then that’s all I need, if they were gay then ok…that’s their choice, doesn’t change my life in the slightest because all that matters to me is that their a nice person. Vegetarian? cool, your from Japan? fancy telling me about your culture and I’ll tell you about mine? You have Aspergers? that’s ok, if you need a few minutes by yourself, I understand, I won’t force you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Why is it so hard for some people to look beyond something? instead we label people like we label jars of food.


Bullying is around for a reason, mainly because theirs something about a person that we just don’t like so we mock them for it, does it really make us feel better and superior? apparently so! People are weird, we all live on the same planet alongside many species yet we tear each other apart for the silliest of reasons. Many religions believe in gods and what will happen once they die, many different theories on this and many people are devoted to their specific religions, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc heck even Atheism is a thing now, someone who doesn’t believe in God. Me personally, I don’t know…I’ll live, I’ll die one day in the future and what happens after, happens but I will not obsess with trying to be as good as I possibly can just so I can go to Heaven, I’ll live the way I choose to and then whether it’s right or wrong…so be it but what’s the point of life if your in fear of being to bad and going to Hell…it’s like a script has already been written out for you and your following it action by action, I threw mine in the bin when I was 13. I’d rather use my free will and live my life, learn lessons and try my hardest every day to be me than follow the words of a book but that’s me, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow a religious text if you don’t or do want do, that’s your decision, your life…I won’t tell you how to live your life at all, that’s not my right. I just think since we all live on the same planet…I’d be easier for us all to put aside differences and put our species first, that’s all.

I won’t ever label anyone…well I will, just one label that everyone deserves to have.

I label you all as Human

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