hello everyone and welcome to Sunday, that one day of the week we are told to rest because it is the Lord’s day, if you’re religious. I am once again testing out my audio button on my iPhone to see how well it can understand me! So far so good, I will not change anything on this blog so if it starts to look a little weird, blame the iPhone I am not responsible for its actions!

My fiance is looking up something to do with birth, wonderful something to do with being an only child and how fracture your personality. Well I wouldn’t know what it is to be an only child as I have an older brother, wonderful. My fiance and I have also been collecting Disney some zones (tsum tsums) some zones, is little tiny Disney toys from Japan. Speaking of Japan, they do come up with some wonderful things drama, sorry to interrupt I think my fiance is just reached Epiphany! Anyway back to Japan, it’s not just a wonderful country, it’s even better than that! I know all the things he can do over there, the culture, the food,  anomie (anime) I just can’t wait to see you at all, I will know I would be like to going to a bath house? I don’t have to be naked doing? 

How is wanted to ride a bullet train! They look really fast and I’ve always wanted to go to a shrine as well. No already tell that my iPhone is struggling to understand, I see a few mistakes in this already so I apologise, blame the iPhone! Her say I miss my Samsung!

So she is a nice thing sushi! I’ve been to YO! Sushi before and the food there is great, yet expensive but I bet the food in Japan is even better.  I’ve seen crabs that are edible, plenty of vending machines, Ramen which I’ve had before which should be amazing! But one other thing I’m thinking about is what should I bring back with me, to remember the journey, something really Japanese that will make me remember forever sever 

Have a SundAy 

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