Now is the time that I weep and sob, moaning aloud as I tug at my locks of hair, almost tearing them from the root

I curl into a ball in the corner of the room, lights off…nothing but darkness surrounds me, even though lights are on

I obsess and worry about where my lover has gone, what are they doing?

I called their phone, left many a texts! you was supposed to be home an hour ago! I check the door, the phone and computer for a sign but nothing but darkness stares back at me

I struggle to breathe as I collect my thoughts, I swear I’ve been nothing but devoted and loyal to my love, you know this!

But that’s not enough for you is it? the grass is always greener elsewhere, it must be, right? I’m just not good enough for someone as wonderful as you

I see you texting on your phone always at home, looking happy as can be, that cute smile of yours, remember when I could make you smile like that?

It only seems like yesterday that you told me that their was no one in your eyes but me, when did that change my love?

I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t see a person staring back…I don’t see anything at all, I laugh at this and tear out lumps of hair whilst laughing away

I’m invisible, is that it? I’m no longer here? Is that why your not here?

Why aren’t you here by my side, why aren’t you by my side right now?

You promised you would forever when we agreed to be joined in holy matrimony, you swore before God to be faithful!

Does that mean nothing to you now? Are you a sinner?

I had a feeling this would happen between us, I knew you see that you would do this, you see I watch you, all the time and I know you more than you know yourself

Your a sinner my love, it’s an illness that has affected your mind but do not despair about this, I know how to treat it, I know how to cure it!

Leave me all alone in this room as the norm, all I see is the darkness in your heart, I brought a knife from the kitchen with me, I thought it might help you but you disagree, I remember you shout as I hold it, call me paranoid as you run out

You don’t need to worry, I’m not…after all, It’s time to cleanse your soul of that evil spirit that caused you to turn your back on me, why else would you not be here right now, by my side?

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a many times, you have to be here by my side yet you lie there on the floor, why won’t you get up? It’s rude to ignore your lover’s demands

I looked all over the house for you, so I would know it was not you on the ground, I tried to convince myself but alas, it can’t be so

Why aren’t you by my side sinner, why do you not move anymore?

All I see now is the Darkness

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