Colours are a wonderful yet strange thing, don’t you think…theirs so many of them yet in Britain, the 7th of May will have the people having to choose which colour they like the best, which one they want to lead them for the next five years…a lot can happen in five years, it’s a big question to  answer, a big decision to make. We all have our various opinions on them all

Blue, it’s my favorite colour, yet it tends to…not favor us all. It has made things better but at a great cost to a many, the poor suffer these costs whilst the rich are excluded from them, making it a colour very hard to like at all. Yet is this the colour to back if it avoids things getting worse, even if it feels for a while that they are? it’s a tough one to make because, they have made decisions that many have not liked at all but is a sudden change to another colour that could do the same thing worth it? Even if it’s promising a chance to decide whether or not we want to be a part of Europe.

Red, it’s a colour that everyone wants to like but it has a distrustful past, one that may not be so easy to forgive and forget. It’s one that promises change yet the seeds of deceit could behind eyes of the red, is it worth getting rid of blue if the long term effects of red may destroy what future we have? Are strings being pulled behind closed doors with another colour, one that has other motives to what Red desires? is it worth trusting or hasn’t enough time past from the last time Red was in charge?

Yellow. This is a colour that many try to forget exists, it was once a promising colour, one that wanted to have a bright future for all those that would give it a chance, it could have caught up to Blue and Red yet it, made the fatal error that forevermore darkened all opinions on it and doomed it to forever be excluded from trust and love. None the less, this colour is not one that will favor well and highly unlikely to favor well for many years to come!

Purple, an outspoken colour that claims to speak the people’s true thoughts and promises true change, to support it’s land, putting it before all others but are it’s promises too rapid, too dangerous to follow? Many want a change as many have lost faith in the system but is this one that is too extreme, too much to have right now?

Finally, we have Green, a party that wants to be noticed like the others but is usually that guy right at the back of a group photo that you barely see, unless you pay great attention and look at everything in the photo. Needless to say, this probably won’t make much of a splash in the decisions made soon. Not everyone can do well and this colour looks to be the fall guy that maybe a few will vote for because they hate all of the other ones so much.

Regardless of which colour you like, one thing is certain, the world you have now will be a different one in a couple of days, for better or for worse…that will soon be discovered, will you make the choice that you think is best? and will it make a difference? Only time will be able to answer that for you.

So…Which one will you back?

  • Red?
  • Blue?
  • Yellow?
  • Purple?
  • Green?

Regardless, it’ll be a messy situation and not everyone will be happy, whoever wins…let’s just pray that things don’t go crazy like last time when promises were broken. Who knows, maybe I’ll close my eyes and tick a random box…see what happens. As long as University Fees don’t go crazy again.

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