We all wake, sit up and welcome in a brand new day

Yet what wonderful air I breathe through my lungs as I yawn

Another day on Earth begins

I wonder what day this is now?

Being on this planet, perfect for habitat

I wonder, is everything just one massive coincidence?

Humans on a planet suitable, with air, water and breathing with life

Why are we really here?

Is it all part of a plan?

Or is this place our true home?

We dominate this planet, from top to bottom

Yet, are we good neighbors with each other?

We used to fight over watering holes

Now we fight to prevent other people fighting

And have the power to wipe the whole lot out with the press of a button

Yet why do we have that power?

Do we have that right?

This world is full of evil, people out of the flock that we call the herd

That would without thought, throw your head onto the chopping block

Yet you can’t appreciate the good without the bad, can you?

After all, good and bad, it’s just what we do!

But what is good?

Helping others? Being an example to follow?

Well, being good isn’t that hollow

It’s easier to be bad than good, we all know that

As long as people don’t start dressing up as bats

We all act like we’re all good, decent human beings, we wave, we smile and we all cheer

Yet deep behind locked doors, all may not be what it seems

We speak our minds through technology, the truth reveals it all

Showing our real, honest colours, safe behind our doors

Some speak out yet in the real world, yet they get ridiculed for it, they do

Isn’t it funny how life works?

Is it best to keep opinions to one self?

What is good and what is bad?

Is it what we as people, define them to be?

Do we make up all the rules of life or does a higher power?

What if we have it all wrong?

Will we be judged as a species at the end?

Are we failures?

Or are we survivors?

Are we all sheep?

And if so, who’s the herder?


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