I don’t do love, that’s one thing I’ve always stuck by, the one rule I abide by in my life, my woman can steal me! I don’t want nor need one, who would want to spend all their time devoting it to one? seems like a waste of time to me! Yet all I see and hear is people getting together, it happens all the time at school, I just don’t understand it at all.

You won’t catch me falling in love, wanting the body of another…hold hands…kiss, it’s all to much for me! I just don’t see it happening and….hang on, not now, not you! My thoughts always get interrupted by the sudden arrival of flowing brown hair, the footsteps coming up the stairs, it’s you isn’t it! the girl that no boy can get, she’s turned down every boy that has confessed their feelings for her since she was five, no one can have her.

I see you walk past me in the hallway each and every day,  your stood there as you are all the time, looking happy and care free, well you should be, your the most popular person in school…my heart always skips a beat at this point though, same time, every day, something I wish would just stop… I could just curl up into a ball and die, as you walk on by but why do I always feel like I’ll faint when I see you, we’ve not even spoken to one another before, yet I feel like I’ve known you all my life. My friends call me weird, they laugh and mock as my face turns red, they sing songs and say I’m in love with you but that’s not the case at all, after all…I don’t even know your name

Weird how we’ve been in the same class for so long, for years and years, it’s been far to long but still, we’re complete strangers to one another. I would talk to you, I just don’t want to, yeah, that’s the reason why, why I don’t give you a minute of my time…that’s why we don’t know one another

Weird how we’re in the same class, don’t you think girl?  yet we don’t speak or even know about the other one at all, why is that so, you stranger? There’s only fourteen of us in the classroom, so how have the two of us not spoken or even glanced at the same time? maybe I’m just not worth your time perhaps? you are the head of the student council after all and I’m the kind of student always in trouble, we’re complete opposites when you think about it. I doubt I’m the kind of student you’d want near you, I’d ruin the reputation you’ve built up, I’d make you a laughing stock, as I am. Don’t come near me, don’t talk to me, I’m not good news.

I once followed you to the local park after school, no I don’t stalk, my heart led the way! I watched you as you met up with your friends, yet I don’t know why I’m here…I was meant to just go home and relax but once I saw you outside the school gates, I couldn’t help but go. Your flowing long hair drives me crazy and those cute hazel eyes that cloud my mind of all other thoughts but most of all, it’s that innocent and honest smile you do when your happy that stole my heart.  I watch you talk away as you brush your hair, it flows in the wind, why does a creature of such beauty exist?

If one could steal such one’s heart then why can’t one give back the words from my mouth? I only ever get so speechless when your near, I don’t understand it at all but I don’t do love, not that you’d notice anyway, your the kind of girl who looks down on people like me. But what does it matter, we’re opposite people in life, we don’t connect like magnets do, we repulse one another, right?

You pass me by, same as always and I expect the same to happen here, except today you pause mid way and look me in the eye, is this a mistake? your eyes look at mine, they lock like torpedoes…I feel my checks turn red…what could you want with me? are you here to put an end to it all for me at school, am I trouble that needs to be thrown away be her lordship?

Your that boy in my class, correct? she asks me. Her first words, such kind hearted ones, I gulp and slightly nod but look away in composure to this. She has a small smile on her face I see, almost as if she’s unsure as what to say to me. Her hands are clenched and looked scared and not to mention, a crowd around was built up, boys and girls alike in a gasp as she dared talks to someone like me.

Why do you always ignore me when I try to talk to you? She asks me. What does she mean by that? She’s never tried to talk to me, where has this come from?

You have never talked to me! I yell back, why did I yell…oh crap, she’ll end it here and now but to my surprise, she does not, she just stands there, looking awkward at me, like I startled her, I should apologize, even though I don’t want to.

We’ve been in the same class since nursery and you’ve always ignored me she admits, despite my best efforts to get your attention yet you still pretend I don’t exist! I studied hard and even became president of the student council to get your attention you see but it’s not enough! she says back to me but is it true? It can’t be, why would do all of that to get my attention? I’m a low life scumbag who gets into fights and she’s an honor student, my opposite in life.

Why didn’t you just come up and introduce yourself? I asked her. It was a simple question, one that made complete sense but her cheeks, they become redder than mine. What is wrong with this girl, she doesn’t sound like the girl I’ve watched from afar for so long, the confident leader that is at the top of everything.

She says nothing, only briefly smiles, to my surprise but maybe I should just walk away before people start talking and making up rumors or something, even though I don’t want to. I don’t do love, yet my hearts beating is out of control, and she’s stood in front of me, eyes like diamonds…no I can’t think such things.

I should get to class I mutter under my breath and without saying another word, begin to walk away but as I do, a hand grabs onto mine, I turn around and see her holding me.

Look you, I’ve also watched you too but don’t you get it, we’re too different to speak, look or acknowledge the other, I’m a lowlife that only looks after number one, your the type of girl that puts me to shame so go while you can, before more damage is done, you can’t talk to me without others mixing it all up.

I don’t care what they say, I don’t care what they do, after all…I am allowed If I want to talk to you she answers back I have waited for years fir this moment, worked hard to be able to say, Hi my name’s Laura, what’s your name?

I see the seriousness in her eyes, the grip on my hand that she holds onto, so innocent yet determined but why now, why after so many years of waiting does she strike…she’s telling the truth to me, that I can tell but still, I can’t let her give up all shes earned…even if it was to just get my attention, why would anyone be so daft to do all that to just talk to someone, it makes no sense to me at all.

Please don’t go, stay here with me she cries out, don’t ignore me anymore, my heart can’t take it if you continue ignoring it she falls to the ground in a crumble and tears pour out of hazel. Nothing left to do, nothing left to say except that were opposites on a magnet, always watching the other it seems.

I pull her back up to her feet, she looks surprised but I sense fear in her, why is that? I still don’t understand or I don’t want to, that I don’t know, I go back and forth in my mind, what should i do, what should I say? people are watching, times running out. I gasp and breathe out loud before going

My names-

I cough out loud in her face, I struggle to breathe before I contemplate what I’ve just done. People gasp at this but to my shock, she just…laughs and smiles at me, she didn’t care, she didn’t cry but why, she’s my opposite.

Without saying another word, she holds my hand and..leads me away, I don’t speak anymore…like a magnet, I stay stuck to her…because, that’s what I want.

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