A man shall be free in this world and the one beyond the stars, none shall be cast in the chains of negativity and shall instead have a fair say to all. We were all born as equals into this world, yet it is after we leave the place of birth that we break apart, however one thing that we all share, no matter what walk of life we come from is freedom of speech, the right to speak our minds and that is the greatest gift we have in today’s world, the right to say as we please, even if some people take it to far. We as humans should have the same chances at a fair and just life, yet many struggle to even put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads, sometimes it’s both.

Sure there are those in a higher power in each nation, country and state but even they must abide the laws of their countries as no one is above the law now, it’s not pre 1215! Maybe we need a new Magna Carta to shake things up once again in this once great land. A change is in order for those who can not get by. Zero Hour contracts make work a guessing game, bedroom taxes cripple families and the disabled don’t have as much help as they once did. So many cutbacks to help a deficit that was created long ago

As well a country above ours roars out for freedom or at the very least, the right to decide what laws abide their lands but remain tied down by the chains of Westminster, yet I believe that if they desire the chance to govern themselves then that should be given, it’s like forcing a lover to stay with you, even though theres no love yet…it doesn’t really work and it only makes things worse, yet some still want the Union to stay together….yet is it really a Union when only one calls the shots? And what about the Third Wheel, don’t they get a say in this Love Triangle of a country?

It’s like we’ve gone backwards, ever since the British Empire was formed, it gained control over many parts of the world then one by one, lost place after place, right until we are almost back at the start…Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and yes their is the Commonwealth as well…will we go to a point where they all get freedom as well? What about the English People, do they get freedom as well, in this? It’s not us, the people that make these decisions, we are affected just as much by them! A fair and just country where a job isn’t next to impossible, where we may all dine each night and be full, not have to get by on lukewarm noodles and fizzy drinks!

The future looks bleak…but it doesn’t have to be, we survived before and we shall again because that’s what we do! Stiff upper lip and amazing sense of humor!

Let them have Fish and Chips!

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