Sometimes I wish I was a bird, so I can soar above the skies and see it all, fly freely with my wings and fly. See France, Italy and Japan along the way, see the planet’s true beauty in a single flight, dive into the ocean and get a different meal each time and feel the water on my skin as I race past, the wind in my hair as I feel like a rocket. I could soar to reach that most unreachable of stars before descending like a free fallen spirit

I could see the ends of the earth, from tiny islands to massive continents, it goes on and on, watch the majestic glow of an erupting volcano from afar, the shattering quake as the ground crumbles from an earthquake bellow, watch the ice split apart in the Arctic as a group of Penguins dives in for lunch. A Mother Polar Bear hunts for food for it’s young cubs, all a part of the circle.

The beautiful graze of a herd of Horses running together through a valley, the miracle of life as lambs are born every spring, little ducklings learning to swim in canals and rivers and tiny puppies leaving their mothers, brothers and sisters for a new home, all common occurrences yet magical ones, it’s nature at it’s best, the miracle of birth.

I wish I was a Bird so I would explore the wilds of Africa, scale the massive falls and fly over a migration herd of Zebras crossing a wild river, avoiding the current and hungry mouths, a perilous journey that may not end well for all but alas, a part of the circle. A bird can fly and can see it all from way up high, much better than a plane ever could see it all, a creature that can go on and on with the greatest camera of them all. But the Bird is not the only free exploring creature on this planet, one other has the freedom to explore all four corners.

Sometimes I wish I was a fish so I can see the depths of the sea, feel lost like a Dory, jump freely like a Dolphin, hunt smaller prey like a Shark, have a sword fight with another Sword fish and swim alongside thousands of brothers and sisters, as one. To swim the seas, all seven of them and even find the lost ancient city lost long ago.

So many wonders of beauty on this planet, majestic creatures that live their life’s every day, alongside us. What great animals they all are, I feel honored that they life alongside us and make all of this that much better.

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