Thousands of Police Officers out in force in the City of London as mass protests break out over the results of the General Election that took place just a couple of days ago. Many people are beyond furious that the Tories are back in power for another five years and a massive fear of cuts, zero hour contracts and even the loss of Human Rights is a fear amongst these protesters.

It seems as if it could be a big struggle for various areas of the UK now, changes are coming and it’s going to hit hard which makes you think who would vote for that?! I know theirs a debt to pay, I get that but do they have to squeeze the public so much that they can’t live even a basic, simple life anymore? This is meant to be Britain, isn’t it? The Media isn’t showing the scenes on TV as of this moment but a rise is happening, people are angry and it’s going to lead to something as there can only be so much a country can take until the people snap, it’s wrong to make the poor suffer and the rich relish in it, their is a great divide between the people in this land whilst up in Scotland, they have spoken and kicked Labor out and put their faith in their National party whereas in England, UKIP got one seat, even though it got over 4 million votes in the election…I smell shenanigans…not that I support their policies just seems strange to me.

Is this all being blown out of proportions or is the people’s feelings justified? Updates can be seen here

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