Woke up a 5am today, should be illegal!

A rather stormy day, with flooded roads where speeding cars would soak you as they race through the puddles of water. It was like going swimming just by walking up the street, truly a bad day for Yorkshire. I see people still recovering from the Election in our great land, many are upset and angry and what’s to come whereas others are reserving judgement…for now.

The weekend is meant to be a relaxing time where you recover from the events of the week, although after this week…might need more than the weekend because the next 5 years has been decided over here and people are scared! The weather matches the mood today, stormy and pouring with anger!

Have written many weird pieces this week, some poetry and stuff…all didn’t take so long to write, mostly an hour to be honest, just stuff in my head but it’s all fun, ain’t it? shall keep on writing random gibberish in the future because I enjoy doing it, a lot. Saw the family today, well one must keep up appearances with the parents are they might think I’m ignoring them, and I don’t want that! along the way, I saw a baby lamb jumping up in a field freely and a stranger offering energy bars on the train, I kindly declined his offer but it’s weird just what events one can come across simply by boarding a train!

Me and Emma didn’t fall out today, that’s a first! what witchcraft is this?! well theirs a first time for everything!

As we walked back home after a nice day back home, we saw three youths trying to start a fight with a couple who were waiting for a bus, we didn’t see the start off it but they were really winding the man up to no end, we were afraid that something bad might happen but as we walked up the hill, we saw cooler heads prevail, either that or the youths just got bored and went off into the local park to bother someone else.

Now my fiance is fast asleep…so much for watching Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe tomorrow, for now I shall rest and watch the news…bought a newspaper today…feel so grown up!

Until next time Readers

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