Ever wondered, what if? like

  • What if I could go back?
  • What if I do this?
  • What if this isn’t a good Idea?

We all do it, it’s natural to wonder what could happen in many different scenarios and we all have regrets in life so it’s natural to picture what could have happened if certain events in our past turned out differently than they actually did.

  • Never have any regrets!

You can’t go back and change events so what’s done is done, you may as well try and move on into the future and not let your past hold you back. Makes life easier, trust me, it does.

  • Don’t plan too far ahead!

I can’t stress that one enough, do not plan say ten years down the line for what you want to happen because chances are things won’t turn out the way you planned them to! you can’t predict the future! so why plan so far ahead for likely disappointment?

  • Always expect the unexpected

Well put simply, always expect that something you didn’t see coming to happen, why? Because like I said before you can’t predict the future and it’s a big world out there where pretty much anything can happen so if you ever see an elephant balancing on a giant ball down the road then don’t be too surprised! likely escaped from a circus or zoo! Life isn’t all straight forward and weird things do often happen, some can’t be explained so I always expect for something out of the ordinary to happen every now and then…also makes life interesting

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