Can I just slam my head against the wall and sigh loudly because the last time I checked, Scotland said no to being Independent last year, yet you’ll find people everywhere online saying that Scotland has changed it’s mind and want’s it again, like a teenager that hasn’t got its way, it’s stomps around the house screaming and having a hissy fit until it get’s its own way. Just accept that not enough of you want it right now and move on! Life’s hard for us down here as well, it’s not just you guys that have it tough!


All I ever hear is that England are bullies to the Scots and all that, what a load of…most people would more than likely not care if Scotland became independent in fact, most people I know do! let them go, rule themselves then they have no one to blame if it goes wrong, they can’t blame the English anymore like a young adult can’t blame his parents for anything after they get their own place! if you win, celebrate, we’ll celebrate that we don’t have to hold your hands anymore and listen to your groans! To me , it’s like the Scottish hate the English people for decisions made by Parliament! newsflash, we probably hate Parliament more than you guys do! I don’t hate Scotland or the Scottish, I just don’t think wanting independence because you don’t like England is a bit silly, I mean yes we’ve had a past…a rather bloody one but it has not been one way, you’ve had your glory moments as well…Stirling Bridge, Bannockburn just like we’ve had Falkirk, Flodden and Culloden. The past is the past, was any of us on those battlefields when they were fought? No! Look, I think Scotland is a great place and England is as well, we go well together and our people’s both don’t like the government, although the media portrayed the SNP to be bullies who would influence their way to Independence but what would they do then? Would Scotland suddenly transform into this glorious wonderful country that is ten times better and prosperous than England is? Let’s be real here…it sounds wonderful and all but their must be a reason why every time a chance to be Independent has been turned down! would things really be that much better? That’s for people who aren’t pretending that they understand how politics work! you know who you are, commenting on Facebook like you’re an MP or something.

There are those that don’t want Scotland to break free (free, really? Is that how you see it?) For a place that has no Tuition fees, you guys sure do complain a lot…I’d love to have not paid to go to University. If you want to go than by all means go but don’t let it end on bad terms! do it for the right reasons, you don’t want to leave Europe! I don’t blame you, I don’t want Britain to leave Europe because that would be beyond STUPID! it’s like we’re trying to make things as bad as possible here, Human Rights to go, talk of Death Penalty, Higher Bed Room Tax? WHAT IS GOING ON?! Fine Scotland, I see why you’d want to go but if you are to go then at least make sure you have the means to survive as a nation and avoid having to ask England to come back one day.

Just do what you’d like Scotland, but don’t keep going back on forth once you ‘made’ up your mind.

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