Can You Take The Heat?

I went on a Jog this afternoon along the canal for a few miles and when I got to the end of my run , I noticed that I happened to be by my McDonald’s which are doing the yearly Great Tastes of America, A collection of Burgers from different states of the U.S so I decided to stop by and pick myself something up. I decided to try the new Hot and Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Now I’m not normally one for spicy foods but I do like the Chicken at McDonald’s so I thought I’d give it a go just one time!

Ingredients- Chicken breast fillet, topped with bacon, cheese, onions, Batavia lettuce, cool mayo and a Hot & Spicy Buffalo BBQ Sauce.


This is the picture I found on the Internet, looks good as all burgers advertised do…wonder what they hold them up with to look picture perfect? but as we all know, it never looks like it does on the picture!

IMG_0690And this is the one that I purchased and ran a mile back home to eat. looks like any old McChicken sandwich or Chicken Legend from McDonald s, although the bun is different, I’ll say that much.

IMG_0691But let’s have a look with the bun off the burger. You can see the hot sauce, bits of lettuce all over the place, the chicken piece and just about see the diced pieces of Onion on there. Also, there’s cool Mayo and Bacon but it looked floppy and weak…same as usual from McDonald’s.  I’ll admit, it doesn’t look so appetizing from this picture but as I ate the thing….was it hot and spicy??? Kind of, this is coming from a guy that doesn’t like Spicy Food, I sometimes can’t stand Mild heat from a Tikka Masala but this…wasn’t so hot….I could take it, although by the end I was sweating a bit and my lips were slightly tingling, making it a sandwich that get’s spicier with time, it slowly builds up over time. The bacon is what it is, floppy and lacking of much taste, I forgot Bacon was on it until I actually saw it under all the toppings. The chicken as usual was very good, the best thing of this sandwich actually, a messy thing it is!

I’d give it a 3/5, it’s not bad but I probably wouldn’t buy one again unless I was starving and everything else in town was closed so I probably won’t be buying one anytime soon! worth a try though, but if you like your food spicy, you might want to look elsewhere because the most this will do is a mild tingle in your mouth, won’t set it ablazing or anything.

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