Now this is only a 1st Draft of what is likely to be the list of countries I am going to in August but I thought I’d explain which ones were chosen and all that and talk a bit about them, so here we go you globe trotters!

  • FranceFrance– Now this is one that I can’t wait to go to, I have always meant to see France and I really hope that when the Final Draft is done, France is still on the list, I’d love to see Paris with the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, River Seine, Lovre and the Arc De Triomphe not to mention fine French Cuisine. I have been to Euro Disney and briefly saw a bit of Paris but not enough to say I’ve really been there so it’ll be great to say that I’ve finally visited France.
  • flag-italy-XLItaly– I went to Italy last year and it was a good place to visit, minus Rome but I’ll get into that in another blog…probably be the next thing I write so keep an eye out for that and I’ll explain why Rome was the worst place I’ve ever been to and I hope that when I go this year, Rome will redeem itself! The place isn’t a bad place, don’t get me wrong but a lot of bad stuff happened on that day but we’ll get into that later, I’m still excited to be going back regardless and give it a second chance.
  • GermanyGermany- Another place I’ve always wanted to visit and cross off my destinations list! Berlin, Stuttgart and the Black Forest are places I’d love to see and explore for sure, it’s a country I assumed I would not get around to seeing because…I think for me anyway It’s not a place I’d go to for a week’s holiday or anything but that’s only because I’m not a massive expert on German Tourism, I’m more of the hot destination or really exotic on the other side of the planet kind of guy, mainly why I’ve been to America and am going to Japan next year but if Germany is a part of the Inter Railing then yes, I will love to see this place and maybe have a reason to go back on a holiday one day, who knows but I won’t pretend or lie that I know that much about all of Germany that I would be interested in doing so at this moment in time but that can all change!
  • croatian-flag-graphicCroatia- Now I don’t know much about Croatia and this is the one country I will have to do a lot of research on before I go there, I know where it is and all but have no idea about the culture, language and so on so this country I’m most excited about because I’m going to learn so much about a new place and that excites me greatly. This country appears to be the furthest one in the journey so it’ll take the longest in getting too and that means it will likely be the turning point as well where we turn around, I don’t know what the schedule is of what order we visit these countries so we’ll have to wait and see on that one but I can’t wait to get here and see it all or some of it, must remember that It’s a 10 day journey, maybe 12 so will only get to see so much but if I like any of the destinations to come back again then I’ll deem this a successful holiday because that’s what I like, you like the place so much you want to come back for more!
  • 6878840-belgium-flagBelgium- Now I have been to Belgium before, well to Bruges before which is like the most special place for me in the world right now, pretty much where my life was determined, you can read all about here in an old post of mine- I’d love to go to Brussels this time about and see the capital, why not? I love Belgian Chocolate and I love History so I’d love to learn a little more history about Belgium.
  • Austria-Flag-WallpaperAustria- Austria, for years I have always said, I’d love to see Austria but never thought I would ever get around to going so I would really love it if we went here and see Vienna! Birth place of Mozart, Apple Strudel which I love, one of my favorite deserts! and it’s a place that likes it sports so that will be cool to see as well. I’ll be happy to know so much more about this country along my travels but as of right now, it’s more important for me to learn to how to sleep on a train all night!
  • poland-flag-jpgPoland- Along with Croatia, this is a place I don’t know so much about so I’ll have to do some research on it, learn about the culture and what not before I get there so I can appreciate everything that I see when I’m there and everywhere else, I don’t want to miss a thing when I arrive in Europe, I want to make the most out of it but Poland, I can’t wait to get there and see it and learn about it.

For now, that’s it, I can start researching and getting ready for it all, I am going to aim to purchase one thing from each country to bring back with me and keep forever! hopefully it won’t just be key chains of each country or something but we’ll see, I’ll have aims to achieve and all that like eat  a well known food in each country and all that, I can’t wait.

If you’ve been to any of these countries, maybe you’d like to talk a bit about your experiences and what I should look out for and not miss or what sort of gift I should get myself, feel free to comment bellow, I do read them. 

Until next time.

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