It’s a windy night tonight or it has been for a few nights now, its howls and screams in the gap between houses, like a ghost in pain it sounds like, can’t go about the house without first thinking your hearing someone scream! creeks from the pipes in the walls that ache and groan, the floor creeks each time you make a step, all noises I have grown to get used to over the last 6 months. Yet last night, I was introduced to a brand new noise, one that puts all the other ones to shame.

Like nails on a chalkboard this one is, a weather vane squeaking in the heavy winds sometimes it’s not so bad but then again it can get worse, so bad that your eardrums start to ache in pain as the unbearable squeaks won’t stop as you try to fall asleep. All day and night it squeaks as it turns or spun in the weather and won’t stop until the winds die down which don’t look like they will for a few days at least so I guess it’s earplugs for me. All of this is agony and makes it horrible to sleep through or try to sleep through anyway….I swear you’d think I lived in a haunted house or something, the amount of noise made here just by taking a step to get get a glass of water at 2 in the morning

Nighttime is freaky enough as it is but now all of these additional noises, may as well just throw a ghost in there as well and you’d have a haunted house. Sorry didn’t get much sleep last night because of it all, fiance put the radio on to block out the squeaks.


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