What a place of utter pure joy, a place I’ve lived since I was a little boy, one and all should, visit, explore and gawp at the countryside. It’s a different experience from the city, with it’s bowling alleys cinemas and more, it’s an escape from it all, a chance to reflect and have an adventure in the hillsides with it’s hidden gems that only the best treasure hunters can find, from the little pubs, shops and sites that can only be seen here, many which can change a life, influence the greatest minds and make you appreciate why we are all really here.

Discover the wind flow through your air, the whistles of the countryside hills and the unique smell not known to a city, not by a long shot. From it’s endless fields to it’s glorious greens galore, to it’s ever flowing streams, look out for the occasional steam from the past from one of the many branch lines that preserve the past and fountains a lore, it is a place I shall forever know as my one and only true home of homes. No wonder where I go in this world, from America, China and Japan, this one special haven is the place I will always return to, I was born in it, I live in it and I will die in it, my tomb shall show why I deeply love my countryside.

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