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I had a rather long conversation this week with a lady hailing from Scotland and I mentioned that I had read an article where people in Merseyside among thousands in the North are getting others to sign a petition so the North of England would join Scotland and she went on to say that she was shocked that the SNP (Scottish National Party) had gotten as many seats as they had done, she knew no one that voted for them, neither did another Scottish Couple and that they were afraid that the people of Scotland were being misled and lied to by a party that clearly can’t take no for an answer but could the North of England really, possibly leave and join Scotland? the woman I spoke to didn’t see it happening but wasn’t surprised that some people have actually drawn up a petition! it all sounds crazy to me but nothing will come of it, no way!


I highly doubt it, yes it feels like the North of England is out of touch with the South, especially London that seems to barely pay attention to the North of England, more like it’s a nuisance to London! but that’s no real reason to jump ship and join Scotland! what benefits would the North possibly gain from that? Cameron would still call the shots mostly, everyone would have to change their passports and would everyone support such a movement, what about Hadrian’s Wall? Do we move that down to Sheffield and have it end at Doncaster which is apparently a part of Scotland anyway! Look it up! it’s all crazy but their are people that are tired of the Tories, so much that they’d rather listen to Nicola Sturgeon! it’s all crazy, the next five years for the British Isles seems uncertain, especially with the upcoming European Referendum which could see Britain leave Europe which Scotland may not want which could lead to their independence which not everyone in Scotland wants, despite what you read online, many don’t want it! Despite this, would Scotland even want the North of England? why not, with that many more votes, they could actually get a yes on Independence, think about it, it makes sense! you’d get Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Manchester United, Liverpool and many other good things and such.

What does the rest of the world think of all of this? Very hostile over here with many unhappy with the way things are run and all that, the results of the election may be the worst thing to happen to Britain since 1066! yet while England and Scotland are at each other’s throats over political matters, I haven’t heard a peep from Wales! if only Ed Milliband’s brother was the Labour leader…things may have been different today…way to go Labor!

I wonder what the Emperor Hadrian would make of all of this….maybe he thinks that his wall was built too far North?




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