We all think it, it needs to happen sooner, rather than later because I for one don’t want to see Bryan come back from another injury like he did last time, seeming to be alright and we all get our hopes up, win a championship, get injured soon afterwards and then have to vacate it himself after a month or so then disappear for a long period of time, then we go through the process once again until he gets so injured, it affects the rest of his life.

Truth is, we the fans made WWE push Bryan to stardom and beyond because we wanted a star that the fans loved to be the champion, not have the same boredom of John Cena, Randy Orton and Sheamus be champion, no one wanted Roman Reigns to be champion this year, we all wanted Daniel Bryan to be the man, unfortunately as the Authority liked to tell us.

Daniel Bryan is a B+ player

Heart wise, hes A+! body wise….I’d say B+ as well, he’s prone to injuries and I’d doubt that WWE would be willing to give him a Championship again, unless he can go a long period without sustaining an injury, that is if he ever wrestles again! who knows! I’d love to see him wrestle but he can’t keep going on with the move set he does now! the headbutts are a no! I’ve been shocked that’s he’s done anything like that! theirs a difference between bravery and stupidity! and I’m afraid Bryan has been stupid, as much as I hate to say that…his heart is in the right place but his head hasn’t been, he should have had more time off before returning in my opinion, we could have waited longer if it meant he would be more healthier and a less risky move set for him, I can live with a non diving all over the place Daniel Bryan, as long as he was still wrestling, that’s all that would have mattered to me.


Remember Edge? he got seriously hurt and knew that he only had so much time left and he made the right decision to retire, it was hard on all of the fans but we knew it was for the best, so why cant Daniel Bryan do the same before it’s too late? One more spear could have ended Edge, what if one day Bryan falls down and doesn’t get back up? I don’t want to think about that and as a fan of Bryan, I ask him to hang it up and put his health before his Wrestling, live your life Daniel…you’ve already done enough to be a Hall of Famer one day! you have nothing left to prove!


I respect the hell out of Daniel Bryan but theirs only so many times this can happen before he realise’s that he can’t go on doing this without killing himself! I’ll remember him from the start of his WWE Career when he was the surprise entrant in Team WWE vs Nexus, to his winning the World Heavyweight Championship to being a part of one of the best tag teams in recent memory, Team Hell No! I’d love a reunion! it could work you know, Bryan wouldn’t have to do all the work, let Kane do that and Bryan could still wrestle, be over with the fans, a win win. It can work because it’s obvious Kane is turning face soon (he just needs a hug) and they could reunite against the Authority, win the Tag Team Championships and go from there!


I pray that Bryan either changes his move set if he can wrestle again but if he’s told his career is over then he retires with dignity, rather than getting back in the ring and traumatizing a wrestler by collapsing in the ring during the match. If Bryan does retire then he needs to have a goodbye segment and Kane needs to come out and they need to have one last hug! that would be awesome! we need to see HBK and William Regal as well!

IMG_0656Let’s all hope nothing else bad happens to Daniel Bryan in his WWE Career

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