What is the point of Life exactly? Think about it but we all know we will die one day, so what is the point of life when we know that one day we’ll close our eyes and never open them again? Scary thought really but it’s true and no one knows what happens after you die…no religion is 100% proven but I think that’s the magic of it all to not all, why know what will happen before it does? Imagine that only Hell existed and that’s where everyone went, everyone would be terrified of dying…probably going to extreme lengths to prevent it but you can’t prevent death! Time waits for no one and all that, no matter what you do or where you go…one day you will die, no point worrying over the inevitable.

Sad but true but who is to say that death is the end of it all? For all we know, we do open our eyes….maybe reborn once again as someone else, or something else? who knows…perhaps you become a ghost? or perhaps Heaven and Hell are real…or maybe…nothing happens and we just rot in the ground or if your cremated, float in the wind…who knows, so many what ifs? things that we’ve spent centuries arguing about, determined that our answer is the correct one and to disprove every one else, what for? perhaps we as Humans are just too proud to admit that we might be wrong? Life is one complicated thing, don’t you think?

You hear people say that you only have one life, so why not enjoy it to the fullest? So many worries and concerns stop people from doing this and then what? Die with many regrets? Not for me really, I don’t want to be the kind of person that carries much luggage around with him throughout life. I heard someone once say that ”things happen for a reason”  like they are pre planned or something, our lives are written out like a scripted play and we are the actors, god is our director!”

Why are we on this planet anyway? is their a reason or is it all a coincidence? Religion, races, love, health, achievements, life and death….it’s all a big mystery that we as a species is in the dark over…despite what we claim to be fact, it’ could all still just be assumptions…what if everything we think to be true is all wrong? sounds crazy but with so many unknowns in this life, it is possible.

With that said, so many confusions about just what life is and why it’s worth it…perhaps it’s just best to not think about it and just go with the flow…not to discover the truth of it all, whatever that may be…I mean if you’ve ever watched a movie…unless your a baby….you will have done….chances are you’ve seen a film where we as a species have been wiped out, destroyed and humiliated by Robots, Monkeys and Aliens, making us appear to be a weak, scared and vulnerable species compared to most other creatures in existence and fantasized as well, yet by some stupid reason, humans find a way to overcome and defeat all, well most of the time.

I think my goal in life is to just be happy, take it all one day at a time and when death one day comes…what happens, happens. Whatever happens in the future, it remains to be seen if we will discover more about just what life is meant to be, how it’s meant to be lived and are we alone? or is their someone or something out their watching, judging and deciding what happens to us once we leave this place.

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