Rather wondering how much money I should take when I go to Europe this Summer….what will it be like to sleep on a train or in a different hostel each day? I’ve always wanted to see Mainland Europe but never felt like I’d have enough time to do so. France, Germany, Austria, Italy…sounds so much fun and many places to look at in a couple of weeks

Not to mention exploring the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan next year for my honeymoon sounds awesome, a trip of a lifetime I’m calling it…seeing Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Sendai City, Mount Fuji and explore the culture, cuisine and sights, I won’t miss a thing! or I had better not because I don’t know when I’d get a chance to return once I start a family. Not saying that having a child would take up all of my time but…it’s going to take up all of my time.

But why am I going to be done all of this travelling over the next 16 Months? well I guess I have a little list of mine to tick off before I decide to settle down and start a family up with my fiance, soon to be wife but before I do all of that, I want to do all of the things I will no longer have time to do once I’m married and become a Father! I mean, when will I get to see Japan once I have a child? when there a teenager? that’s a long time in my opinion

I have some fears of being a Father

  • I have Autism…will my child have it as well? If so then I intend to do my best to help them understand it and make them see that it’s ok to be a little bit different, they will always have love in my household, whether they be straight, gay or Bi…it won’t matter to me, as long as they go through life and make the most of it. But they never need to feel that a condition will hold them back.
  • Will I be able to always be there for them when they need me to be, I’d like to imagine that I would but I’ve never looked after a child before, what If I’m not cut out for it?

It’s easy to have fears on the matter but i have to believe that as long as I do my best and always be there for them then everything will be ok, it has to be, no point being negative over it.

So I have decided to write-up a little list for things that I want to do before I settle down completely and become a Father, not the cheapest list in the world but here we go.

  • Get a season ticket for a football team
  • See Arsenal play at the Emirates
  • Learn to Drive
  • See WWE live
  • Travel Europe
  • Visit Japan 

It’s a big old place Earth, I’d to be able to see it all before I go, not have any regrets when I’m old and laying in my bed…if I get to that stage…be nice to though. the next year looks to be fun for me though, especially if I get all of this done before my wedding day…well Japan is my honeymoon so I know that one is happening! and the Europe Trip looks set to go ahead so that’s two down!

Here’s to living life!

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