In many countries around the globe, there is a thing called freedom of speech but are their any examples of taking this a bit too far? Say an individual or individuals takes this right and pretty much exploits it to the world, not caring about the consequences…I mean who cares if everyone will hate and despise you for saying such vile things without a care in the world, right?

Katie Hopkins of Britain is a fine example of this exploitation, she daily tweets remarks about fat people, people with disabilities and children with…bad names? I don’t know but it blows the mind as to how she says such things confidently and doesn’t care one tiny bit if she hurts anyone’s feelings but why?

She’s nothing more than a desperate old woman who has nothing better to do with her life then insult anyone who isn’t wealthy or doesn’t have a condition of any kind, whatsoever…am I the only one who thinks she was born in the wrong time period….send her back to the 1500’s when women had next to no rights and Twitter or TV doesn’t exist and see if she insults Henry VIII for his weight….I’d love to watch her execution, i can imagine the conversation

Katie: Your fat and lazy Henry!

Henry: Yeah and in a minute or so, you won’t have a head on your shoulders!

…I know that sounds bad but this is a woman that freely insults everybody…for fun and will continue to do so but back then she’d be dead by now…easily, either accused of being a witch or just ran her mouth one too many times! but in this day and age, The death penalty is gone and witch trials no longer exist so whats to stop this vile creature from spreading her infection of boring tweets? seriously, they are boring, I have never been offended by a single one and I have Autism! I laugh it off and get on with my life, I mean why let such a pointless waste of skin bring your mood down? she is just one person, ONE….that’s all and she’s clearly a coward with mush for a brain….her only way to get noticed after failing on the Apprentice is to constantly tweet hurtful words and appear on TV every now and then to show what a snob she is…must have been a fun childhood to end up where she is now. if you give that a read, you can see what she looks like….makes Anne of Cleaves look gorgeous to Henry VIII all of a sudden.

Americans, you might not know who this woman is or you might not just care about her because well…she doesn’t live in your country but one day, like Piers Morgan (We Apologize) she’ll likely think she can aim bigger and higher and come over to you guys! then you can enjoy her pointless tweets about the President…why are their so many fat people? and the names you give your children….Honey Boo Boo….I wouldn’t let a thing like that near my children!…something along those lines.

She will continue to go on insulting people daily, bla bla bla this and that, she will be smiling at home thinking she’s…making a difference, that she’s a celebrity? guess anyone can become one of those now…kind of doesn’t mean as much as it used to! I wonder what pathetic insult she’ll come up with next, shes a woman with a panic button at home, in case someone she’s insulted tries to kill her…it’s almost as if she’s scared or something….yeah, great parenting….still insulting people constantly, even though it could put her family at risk…and she has the nerve to insult other children when she doesn’t appear to be anywhere near Mother of the Year herself!

But whatever, in her mind she’s right but there is no point being upset by her because one day…she will die, like we all do…if this is her attempt at making people remember then it’s a sad way to do it…all that people in the future will know about her was she was nothing more than an attention seeker that had nothing intelligent to say…ever and one of the most boring people of all time…easily

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