I write this blog tonight to discuss some…regrets I feel hold me back yet I let them but why would I do such a thing? maybe because I will feel better about them or something? maybe it’s good to vent sometimes and feel like you can move on once you have, silly really but never mind, we all have at least one regret in this life, small, big or not that big a deal but still a regret?

For the old man who’s bald shiny head I threw up on during the Oblivion Roller coaster ride at Alton Towers…I’m sorry, my bad and all but I was so starving and I had just had a double cheeseburger before I got on the ride….I honestly thought I could go on the ride and everything would be fine, I was wrong. I didn’t mean to ruin that nice shirt of yours or run away and avoid your detection afterwards, I could hear the anger in your voice as you searched for me but were unable to find me, I bet your ride back home was a bad one to say the least, your family probably wondered who on earth had done that to you, well we all make mistakes, mine was to have that burger, your was to go on the ride when I did but you weren’t to know. I would apologize if I could you know but it was a long time ago, still doesn’t mean that I don’t regret it.

Another regret would have to be to the countless stories that I have started but left behind because I either lost interest in them or I hit a massive road block that I couldn’t overcome and just left it behind, I wished I had the strength to not give in to them so easily and just move on from them like I have done in the past. A story is like a friend and I left them behind and that makes me feel bad deep down, I’ll make it an aim for the future to not leave a friend behind ever again. No story to be left unfinished, not if I can have a say in it!

Finally, I regret never coming out of my shell as much as I’d have liked to at University, I had more to offer but didn’t believe in myself enough to bring it all out when i had the chance to, although I got the marks I wanted to, I didn’t make it easy for myself, not one bit…was still fun and all but I wasn’t the most approachable person I don’t think, even though I wanted to be….badly but maybe that was the problem, perhaps I tried too hard and it backfired? who knows, what’s done is done now and it’s time for the future and a whole bunch of new adventures, chances to not have regrets yet it may be because you have regrets from the past that make you stronger in the future? University was great, don’t get me wrong, quite the challenge to go somewhere where their are thousands of people about your age in one small area for three years, doing essays, assignments all night and so on, I’d do it all over again if I had the chance.

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