Many people around the globe daily write blogs on Word press and have the world read them every day but why is it that we blog? Some do a daily diary where they write what they have done every day, some write stories, travel blogs and so on, it’s all amazing and a wonderful but where did the idea come from where we all thought it’d be a great idea to write a blog? Who ever came up with Blogs was a great person because they gave the choice of writing them to us, the people and we can express our feelings to the world freely from Computers, Tablets and Phones when we want!


I love to write a blog, get my feelings onto the screen, it makes me feel good to write one and to have people write them and yes, it’s hard at first because next to no one will read them, it takes time and hard work to build up a fan base of people who will read, like, share, comment and re blog them but one day, if you haven’t given up…it will be so worth it! imagine having like a 1000 followers, more than 500 views a day and so on, you’d feel so amazing or I would at least…at the moment I can go from having 40ish views to having 15 a day! doesn’t sound like a lot right now but I believe that with hard work and not giving up, that can go up and be a more bigger number in the future…if it wasn’t easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Do we write a blog online where everyone can see it to be noticed? to spread some cheer or teach a complete stranger something new about the world? maybe we all have different reasons for doing it but it makes me happy that so many people worldwide write daily about what makes them happy which is awesome! I hope that I can get that good someday as I plan to be around for a long time

For anyone starting a new blog and it isn’t going the way you thought it might, don’t give up! someone out their is reading it and soon enough, another person will soon also be reading it then another and another, it will happen! you have to think positive and take each new follower with a smile, like and comment and other people’s blogs as well, that’s a good way to get noticed by the world and write awesome blogs, let people know about yourselves and what it is in this world that you love, share that love with us all and you will get far as a blogger, well that’s what I believe anyway.

Until Next Time.

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