Last year, me and my fiance went on our yearly holiday and this year we decided to head to Italy for the first time. I had never been to Italy before so I was very excited about it, it was a place I wanted to cross off my destinations list. We booked with Thomas Cook and set off a week after my graduation day which was awesome! graduating University and going to Italy, what  a couple of weeks!

The plane was an hour late departing the airport and it was for the weirdest of reasons….all of the luggage had been loaded onto the wrong plane! so we had to entertain ourselves as the dummies fixed their mistake and got our luggage onto the correct plane. An hour passed and we were ready to go…finally! the flight was a steady and a good one, the meal on the plane…well are they ever really good? I’ll let you answer that one as we touch down in the city of Naples!

What would you know, another delay as we wait for our luggage again…for an hour…apparently, they went to look in the wrong plane for our luggage! come on guys! never mind that, was just annoying at the time, we walk outside and down the street to the bus area which was inside a very run down wall, would be quite intimidating in the middle of the night. We board our bus and our bus…is delayed because the tour guide from Thomas Cook couldn’t find one of her passengers so we wait for an hour before setting off without them but half way there as we see Sorrento in the distance, she finds the missing passenger….it was a baby under a blanket, fast asleep in it’s mother’s arms….oh well, mistakes happen.

By the time we are dropped off at our hotel, dinner had been served and we had missed it by half an hour when we should have had an hour and a half to have it! But the hotel had been warned in advance and they had left us all cold platters of meat and sandwiches in our rooms which was a nice gesture! That was awesome guys! Thank you so much!

View from side of Hotel

Our hotel room was nice and all, I just didn’t like the view outside which was a wall! we were facing some guys chicken farm, or at least they looked like chickens, oh well we only used the balcony to dry swimming wear and towels so no loss there, the bathroom was nice with it’s sliding doors, that little European thing that you guys have…you know the one! we relaxed, ate our cold meat and were relieved that we had made it in one piece but were tired so went to sleep in the two separate beds that had wheels on them and would move slightly if you turned enough in your sleep, was a bit funny at first but when I fell out of my bed at 3 in the morning because of it, it stopped being funny…the bed had…brakes…I am not making it up people, did Ferrari make them?

The next day, my goodness it was hot, I was stuck to my sheets for the first few seconds, I had forgotten how hot Mainland Europe could be…well I’ve been to Spain, Tenerife and France before so maybe not all of Europe, We went to have a proper look about the Hotel which was very Arty actually, pieces of art all over the place and we saw the pool for the first time which looked like it was calling out to us to jump on in. However we had breakfast first which was surprisingly….meh.

I say meh because the bread wasn’t too good, the eggs were very watery as was the porridge but the German sausage was nice and they Nutella but the American groups had most of that….not kidding around, their were a mixture of Americans, Germans, Brits and Spanish, I know this because I spoke to a lot of people there. Not the best breakfast I’ve ever had…by a long way….Premier Inn in Britain do a much better one, by miles but I didn’t come to Italy to sample breakfast, I came to see things and relax for 2 weeks!  Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and more!

Sat out by the pool on the hot afternoon, Ice cold drink in hand as I lay down on a lounger….hornets about which wasn’t fun in the slightest as the bay of Naples could be seen from our hillside…our hotel was on top of a hill….you could either walk up it for half an hour or get the shuttle bus that would take about 5 minutes but they run for so long each day so if you aren’t good with time keeping then you might be walking up a very steep hill! Have you ever jumped into a swimming pool outside? then you’ll know that the first time you jump in, it’s freezing cold! fortunately for me, I had a little volunteer to see how cold it was for me, as in my fiance…I may have pushed her in when she wasn’t looking…yeah she wasn’t too happy about that

10352573_10152727579766019_988401690315272312_nYeah, after that she went to read her book…I was sorry! she forgave me and didn’t do much swimming, more sunbathing, reading and running away from hornets which she thought were bees at first, poor thing.

P1000091The pool is a great place to relax just watch out for the hornets buzzing about when you sunbathe, they don’t seem to bother you when your swimming, the view from the pool is great, you can see Sorrento clearly on a sunny day which it is almost all the time along with the Bay of Naples, look out for Capri.

P1000098We then explored Sorrento for the first time and after wandering away from the bus stop, we found a pizza place and had lunch, calzone was my dish which was awesome…perhaps a bit too much basil, the flavour overloads it and makes it hard to taste anything else but apart from that, it was great.


I then saw this shot and loved it, the houses on the side of the cliff and the tiny road down below that all look out towards the bay, it all looked amazing, if you could ignore all the people trying to convince you to go on their excursions! not bad but when your trying to concentrate on something, it’s a tad annoying.

That’s part One, back with part two…until then

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