Hi guys, this is a blog to talk about an experience of mine, what is it like to work at McDonald’s? Now some people might already think, Why would you work there? I know some people that do work at McDonald’s and they are very happy working there whereas some hate it and are looking for other jobs. I will admit that I wasn’t jumping at the chance to work at McDonald’s at first…it sounded horrible, to say the least but I needed a job as I had just moved in with my fiance and we needed bills to be paid and she had just got a job in a small cafe in town.

I searched high and low for any job but came up short, until I saw McDonald’s advertising for jobs, now my local McDonald’s isn’t in the town that I live in, it’s on the outskirts, so I would often walk a mile and a mile back to and from it each day I worked. I applied for the job and about four days later, I had a trial there. Now at my trial, I was asked questions about ambitions, what I thought it meant to serve customers and what not and I answered as honestly as I could which they seemed impressed with, then I was to have a small look about the place, where the customers sat and ate, the back where the food was cooked, the staff room where workers had lunch and the storage room which was all interesting as I had always wondered what it would be like to see where the food is all prepared.

Next I was to work on the drive thru part, not where they take the orders but where I would hand out the food and drinks to customers in their cars which didn’t sound so hard at first but it’s the speed that catches you, that makes you think twice about it all because a lot of the time, their are a lot of customers in cars, waiting for food…don’t just assume you can have a few moments to yourself all the time, it just ain’t going to happen.

I can say that my trial went pretty well, even if I spilled a drink and gave out ketchup to a customer ordering a few cokes instead of a cup holder…nerves I guess but a week later, I get an email saying that I was successful and I had to attend a welcome meeting In Leeds which was fun (got a free drink) I got a uniform and had to fill out info and such but I had a job, that’s all that mattered to me.

My first day on the job wasn’t so bad as I had plenty of help, was told how to do everything which was a lot to take in. Drinks, French Fries, how to pack a bag and all that…in quick procession…wow, you had to always be on your feet at all times, no time to slack off!  Customers can be lovely, local ones especially that come in often but you do get a bad egg every now and then that looks down on you, I had a few in my first week that made it their mission to make me feel as low as possible. I got quite scared at times at how harsh peoples comments about performance could be, I get that it’s fast food but surely yelling at me after 30 seconds when I am sorting out another order before yours is a bit much but that’s just my opinion. I remember having to go into the back to calm down because it had really gotten to me but it was a lesson well learnt, I couldn’t go on assuming that everyone was a nice person and I didn’t let anyone else get under my skin after that.

French Fries are ok, I guess but man they can be hot, especially if someone else accidentally spills hot oil onto your hand…man that hurt for weeks afterwards, little blisters all over my hand…wasn’t pretty but their you go, life goes on. Drinks were ok, as long as the machine decided to work for you, cleaning was needed to be done often and it was something to do when it was quiet in the restaurant. I never went on to the cooking process of McDonald’s although judging how things were done so quickly, I’m relieved about that! I would have likely burned myself on many occasions.

Till work was tough, with getting the change correct at fast speed and what not but being on the Drive Thru window was very hard as well! Let me explain, you wear a headset and when a car arrives you take the order and the customer pays for the food, sounds easy enough right? Wrong, imagine doing that during lunch or dinner time, when you had a queue of cars, all waiting for food! it is stressful to say the least! cars beeping horns, shouting abuse and making it seem like it’s all your fault…even though your new and have only been doing this for about five minutes, talk about being thrown to the sharks. Ok, that is a rare occasion when it happens and more than likely, McDonald’s will put someone their that can handle the situation and stress but for me, I was placed there and I was so nervous because it’s even faster than the tills, the cars seemed to never end coming…before I knew it, a queue had formed as far as I could see and you could hear people in their cars calling you stupid or slow at what your doing but you can’t exactly say ‘I’m New!’ Once this happened to me and I was brought off because my supervisor was angry at me for being so slow ”Apparently they had no idea that I had never done it before!’ So they apologized but for me, the damage had been done, it took a long time to be able to go back and try again…the memories of cars beeping, abuse hurled at me and furious faces was horrifying.

Now I know it sounds like I’m moaning about the job, making it sound like it’s something to stay away from but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Many jobs involve dealing with customers, you can’t escape that by not working at McDonald’s! it’s a job, chances are the staff are very friendly and kid like they were at my McDonald’s. Ok, so it didn’t work out for me…After collapsing one evening, I decided that it just wasn’t for me…I went back after seven hours in A and E and told them that I was leaving, I couldn’t keep doing this, not if it was going to affect my health and they wished me luck for the future.

It was an experience that I will never forget…I learned so much in a space of a month that I use in everyday life now..to not be walked all over by people who think they are better than you…anyway to all the people who work at McDonald’s or are thinking about it, go for it or keep going…It’s a job to not be ashamed about….your earning money and have the chance to go up the pecking order in the company which is a good thing. In this day and age, jobs can be hard to come by so if a chance to work at a McDonald’s comes up than take it! it’s better than nothing after all and who knows, you can either climb the McDonald’s ladder or have a reference for your CV for another job in the future.

Until Next Time.

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