Like a scorcher, the sun was on overload, or that’s how I felt as I woke up most mornings during my holiday in Italy! Seriously, if you live in England, you do not get used to the Sun being that hot…well maybe for a week or two during the year but for most of the 365 day year, it is mild at best so I don’t know about you but the sun was an issue for the first couple of days for me….it was nice that the weather was so gorgeous and all that but man, I always needed to be drinking water or I’d feel like I’d pass out!

We went to a meeting with our rep who talk us through excursions that we could go on  and their were many good ones and I wish we could have done them all

  • Isle of Capri
  • Day in Rome
  • Pompeii/Mt Vesuvius
  • Herculaneum
  • Sorrento

We went with ones that we could fit in and unfortunately, Capri was one that we couldn’t do as they only did that trip one day a week and we really wanted to see Rome. Oh, if only we could have seen into the future and changed our minds.

  • Rome
  • Pompeii/Vesuvius
  • Herculaneum
  • Sorrento

Even though we were staying in Sorrento, we lived on top of a giant hill that overlooked the town so it would be good to have a chance to see it up close! So I’ll start off here with a nice walk about the buzzing town, the sun was sizzling, to say the least! you would never really need a coat here, nor a jumper! we took the bus down to the bus station and had a wander about the shops and it felt weird at first at how different the shops appeared to the ones I’ve grown up with in England, for example…health services and even video game shops….look so strange or they did to me anyway! Their were plenty of tourist places with Italian merchandise but we decided to leave them until the last few days of the holiday, unless I found a statue of the Leaning Tower of Pisa as my Father wanted one so I was always on the lookout for one!

10603475_10152727580121019_4232269442595048426_nHaving Lunch out at one of the many cafes along the streets, we found one that served seafood! I tried myself some Octopus with some seasoned potato sticks…also known as chips! for the first time and it’s quite chewy to say the least, it was delicious but quite a chew, found one piece that looked like an actual Octopus! take a look, they look like legs! The owners were really friendly, especially when my fiance couldn’t take the heat after her meal and they led her inside to their air conditioning as they questioned her about Britain’s weather…not much to say really, a bit of sun here, a bit of rain there! plenty of wind and one drop of Snow stops everything in it’s tracks.

10559953_10152726761886019_8273826109035766528_nNext, we walked along the front and saw some Horses and carriages on the side and Emma looked like she really wanted to have a go on them, so screw how much it would cost, we went on one and with a bump and a trot, we went down the road in our cart, passing by the many scooters, and few cars along the way as we headed east, up a big hill, passing many hotels that weirdly were named after British Destinations…no idea why that is but whatever.

10517510_10152726762501019_1660787301474397174_nIt was a nice experience seeing the sea from our carriage, the sun in the sky…blue sky with many clouds as our tour guide pointed out many points of interest to a tourist like mini waterfalls, giant drops that seemed to not have a bottom to them, apparently a factory was down one of them…not in operation anymore but I bet it was a pain to get down their for work everyday! Once we got to a certain point, the Horse pulled over and we had a few minutes to have a look at the view whilst the driver let his steed have some water and a rest before heading back down again to where the journey all started but the view we saw, one I won’t forget in a hurry…you could make out the island of Capri, well just about! the bay sparkled as the sun shined above it and the little boats, speed boats and birds completed the picture, that along with the smell of sea air!

10422954_10152726762726019_5849219597773514433_n (1)We said our goodbyes to horse and driver and headed west along the other side of the road when my fiance became quite peckish so we looked for something to cool us down and luckily…well not really, their was bound to be one! we saw an Ice Cream shop and we found out that they did Nutella Ice Cream…took me a moment to take that all in! Do you see those jars in the pic? they were bigger than my head and I have a pretty big head! the ice cream was some of the best I’ve ever had…very sweet and if you’ve ever had Nutella before, you’ll know the taste already but they added chunks of Nutella as well! the hazelnut sensation with chocolate chunks! although I had to eat it quickly due to the bearing sun making it melt! it was a great way to finish our day of exploring, the rest of it was spent back at the hotel, swimming in the pool….relaxing on loungers and watching the evenings entertainment straight after eating dinner.

Last time I mentioned food, it was the breakfast at the hotel which wasn’t all that fantastic, however the dinners were a completely different story, like I was in a different place or something?! waiters came and took your orders for starters, main courses and deserts! you had options from what they had on the menu and it would be up and about the hotel in the lift and just outside the restaurant in the mornings so you had plenty of time to make up your mind and you would be charged and have to pay once you left the hotel, like a tab or something so you didn’t have to worry about money after every meal….just on the day you leave! The staff were very friendly and helpful, we never had an issue that couldn’t be dealt with which is very good. The ones in the restaurant are friendly as well, especially the one in the white coat, the one who always tries his luck with the ladies, quite amusing but friendly…he seemed to like Emma quite a bit. The food was very flavorful and the portions were reasonable, despite what other reviews I read said, the menu had plenty of options to choose from which changed every day, I tried many new things during my stay and now have these things often at home, however Breakfast could improve by quite a bit to be on par with Dinner and Lunch, Wet and cold Scrambled Eggs isn’t the best way to start a day.

IMG_0015One thing I loved about meal time was to eat outside near the pool, especially dinner when the sun would often be setting, orange sky and the Italian hillsides all around us, now I don’t often go into detail on the scenery but this was such a relaxing experience, so much that I could have eaten a completely healthy meal and not cared because I was in such a great place every evening, I still miss them right now! the luscious green hills basking in the sunlight…the barren ones in the distance as we could just make out the city of Naples in the distance, it’s wonderful to see so much from one place…like trying to spot everything in a jigsaw puzzle at once , ok not the best example but who cares, it was a good view, one that I wish I could see all the time but can’t because you don’t always see a sunset as nice as that one here! But I guess that’s what makes a holiday so special in a way, getting to experience things in a way that you wouldn’t back home! I found myself falling in love with the place and with my fiance by my side, it was truly perfect.

Until Next Time

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