A rather hectic few days running around, cleaning the place from top to bottom, well I don’t have a choice for a while as Emma twisted her ankle and is now on the sofa for at least a week so that’s new. If I didn’t know how much she actually does while I’m out at work most days then I probably wouldn’t make it out like she doesn’t do so much, it can be hard work cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, toilets, hoovering, washing and so on every day yet she does many of these things while I’m out working….I do my chores in the afternoon mostly.

It all happened on Wednesday when she was out at work, I remember a knock on the door about quarter to 4 with it being a salesman which I ignored but ten minutes, I heard another knock but decided to ignore it but it was followed by the doorbell frantically ringing so I went to investigate and was surprised to see Emma standing there…she was meant to be at work yet she had come home early but why? I opened the door and she was hobbling on one foot, I became frantic and panicked by this and helped her inside the house where she explained how she had fallen off a stool at work whilst reaching for some iPads and landed on her foot the wrong way.

We decided to get to A&E where we spent around five hours in a waiting room, being called in for an X Ray before waiting some more, then being told that it was twisted and severely swollen and bruised so it was crutches and a splint for a few weeks, meaning that all household chores would be completely down to me for a while.

Over the past two days, juggling work and chores has been awkward to say the least but I have been managing but I’ve watched Emma become more and more bored as time has gone on, she wants to be doing something but can’t walk far so can only either read, TV or sleep…I feel for her and have joked about swapping places for a couple of days, I’d love to be able to just lay about and do nothing for a day!

When shes back to normal, we will both work together more on chores, rather than separating them when the other one is out, it just feels like a massive burden for just one to do them all by themselves and would be quicker and better if we do them together.

That’s Your Daily Pick Up for now! See you next time

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