Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

1072259_10151842713996019_770237852_oMy first time visiting this park and I loved it. Although it rained a bit during the day, badly…it didn’t stop us from having any fun at all. I went on Shrek ride which was very amusing, even though Shrek was a bit ago, it’s still nostalgic to me, Despicable Me 2 which took forever but I didn’t mind, Mummy Returns which Emma refused to go on…so I had to go alone but they had a shorter queue for people not riding with someone else so I benefited from it in a way, Simpsons Ride which was the main ride I wanted to ride on and various other rides and they were all fantastic, from start to finish, this was a great park to visit.

1074372_10151842717266019_398471615_oQueue times were long for all of them minus Simpsons which was only 10 mins amazingly! when I queued up which I was lucky on because an hour later it was 90 mins long, A shame you don’t get your picture taken on this ride, they say that you do in the simulation but it was only a tease unfortunately but oh well . Springfield was fun,1074573_10151842717131019_1536315958_o they had Krusty Burger which had the Rib Sandwich on the show there, cost a bit but I got one and it was alright but should be a little bit cheaper for what it was. they also had Duff Beer, Flaming Moe’s and Moe’s Tavern as well as the Comic Book Shop which you couldn’t go in as well as the Kwik E Mart which was awesome! childhood nostalgia complete, even got to see Sideshow Bob and Krusty…although Bob was a little…intent on trying to cause harm to me, it was just that stare he gave me..you know!


1072038_10151842717971019_292987499_oIf I go back to Orlando then Ill be returning to this park no questions asked, it has great gift shops, places to eat and some of the best rides around, my only complaint was the weather, it heavily rained in the afternoon but I was queuing in a 2hr line for Despicable Me 2 so managed to stay dry which was lucky…you see sometimes long queues can pay off. well when it’s raining, they can!

The next park that I visited on my 2 week holiday to Orlando was the Universal Islands of Adventure and it gave it a great kick off to the day, just by seeing all the attractions from a far. First ride I went on was the Jurassic Park water ride which was amazing, the drop at the end is worth being scared half to death by a giant T Rex that appears out of the mist  and even if your fiancé digs her sharp nails into your arm as you go down the drop (My picture has my face in a painful way) it was well worth it, the other riders all bought the pictures just to see my face! or so many came over and told us, my fiance couldn’t stop laughing about that, The Hulk Coaster was much better then I thought it would be, the best roller coaster I have ever been on, it’s speedy and has plenty of corkscrews and loops that will leave you dizzy but thrilled like a Hulk Rage!

1078736_10151841639441019_1643327935_oMy highlight was Harry Potter Land though, seeing Hogsmeade and Hogwarts was a dream come true. First thing I did was buy a Butterbeer which was awesome and worth the three dollars. Sadly a thunderstorm hit as I waited to ride the roller coaster, lightning struck the ride, the loop to be precise so I had to wait 2 hrs to get on it, after being evacuated out of the castle first for safety, my fiance was worried, looking all over for me. The queue line was the longest I had ever seen, it goes through a maze like underground path for what feels like an age, worth it though, for the rides, nostalgia and the Butterbeer!.

1078736_10151841639446019_538250072_oThe shops are full of many tricks, merchandise, chocolate frogs and wizard clothing that you couldn’t get any were else…I bought a Ravenclaw shirt that was too small for me in the end but I still have it! The Spiderman ride was another great ride, although another long queue but plenty of side attractions like videos b1005349_10151841641641019_1965145582_neing played and other things to keep you entertained along the way and we got to meet the man himself afterwards. My fiancé also enjoyed the park even though she doesn’t really know any of the super heroes that the park holds, her only ride was the Jurassic Ride but Spiderman seemed to really like her, bit flirty actually… 10/10 will be going back definitely

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