Just a short thought but what strikes to me as being rather odd is how the Human Race started out, one day a decision was made that it would be Man that would be the dominant sex whereas at the start, Women were pretty much cleaners, cooks and baby makers but how did such a important decision come about, I wonder? Was it Religion, such as the Bible that convinced people? War? Did Men prove to be braver on the battlefield or…was their never really a decision made to start off with and it just went that way?

Men and Women should walk down the path side by side, not one a little bit ahead of the other! when we were Cavemen, were Women inferior then? Charles Darwin said that Women were biologically inferior to Men, does that mean he was correct? I mean, explain just how a woman can’t do anything a Man can do? If a Woman exercise at the Gym, can she not become strong? If a Woman has a gun, can she not kill you? if a Man is given an iron, can he not iron clothes? Or if a Woman does the same job as a Male, shouldn’t she be paid the same? And if a Man is sexually assaulted by a Woman, isn’t that rape? Their are also comparisons between the two, Women are smarter, Men are stronger but why, what’s the need to be, both sexes are Human, isn’t that what’s most important of all, we should become equal as a species instead of trying to better one another! Men are expected to be strong, brave and bread winners whereas Women are strong, brave and in many cases, better breadwinners than Males! personally I wouldn’t care if my fiance earned more money than me, we’re a team and always will be, she’s so strong after what she’s been through and I’m so proud of her, she’s not weak, she’s stronger then even she realises!

Traditionally a Man should get with a Woman or so it may say for example in the Bible but nowadays you get a Man with a Man, a Woman with a Woman or a Man with a Woman and that’s all fine, theirs nothing wrong with it, I don’t see it as same sex…I just see one Human, being with another Human that they like and why not, if you love someone, shouldn’t that be all that matters? We’ve come a long way as a species and should come to a point where their is little to no looking down on the opposite sex, it’s pointless! and what about Free Will? that was part of God’s plan, right? Humans have free will to make their own decisions in life yet in some countries, a Woman can’t go outside without being escorted by a Male?

I’m not asking for everyone to change their views, I’m not asking for sudden change but it blows my mind as to how someone could come up with the idea that Women are so inferior to Men that they can’t even walk outside without an escort or get a proper job because they have to be a house wife or something like that, ok so in many countries around the world, that isn’t the case but theirs still a ways to go. They say Women are fragile but many women I have met so far in my life have been some of my strongest inspirations, teachers and friends, without I would not be where I have gotten to today.

I’m a male writing this blog and I’m not trying to score any points whatsoever, I just try to see this from a point where we have had to come from a time that Women had next to no rights at one time and Males made all the decisions, we have all come a long way but my question is…Should we have had to in the first place? Could it have been different?

Who wrote all of these rules when Humans started walking and talking? Well whoever it was, they were a little bias in my opinion, if we could go back in time…we should probably write down that Men and Women are equal, always have been and always will be!

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