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We are all born equal or so we are told but some are not born equal, some will be born with a disadvantage from the very start of life, some will remain hidden for years but some of us come into this world in a mask and I am still unsure to this day why I was one wearing a mask, am I an Alien? Do i need to protect myself, was I sent here on a mission?

I am nothing more than flesh, bones and blood, my bones break if they are broken, I bleed if my skin is pierced but I once imagined myself as someone who was…different, unable to feel, be one with another, I felt like I was a curse to others, that I would be nothing more than a burden to the Human Race and that I was hogging oxygen from those worthy of it. So why do I feel like I’m not Human, is it because I can’t communicate well with others? I appear scared of humans and their ways? Humans just don’t seem to understand me and I still don’t understand why.

For years, I felt like I was wearing a mask, it shrouded me from the world, the real me was hidden away, all was left was a scared little boy who didn’t handle social situations easily, he would be taken advantage of time and time again yet he would keep trying, even if he knew it was pointless, he would not give up because in his heart, he never gave up on anything or anyone, he still sometimes does not know why he never did , maybe because one day…someone would not give up on him, for once maybe someone would break through that wall and set him free from that Mask…let him be seen by the world for who he really was! Alas, for a long time, an invisible wall would separate him from everyone else, no one could hear him cry out for help, his efforts went ignored or misunderstood for so long, he could have stood in a crowd of a thousand and been the loneliest person in the world, he felt so insignificant to the Human Race and he still doesn’t know why.

No matter where he would go, he felt misunderstood, shunned and a burden to all, many would be nice and polite but many were also false, hiding behind their lies to him…misleading him into false pretenses, bossing him around and making him feel like what ever he would do was wrong and bad and each time, the young man caved him and conceded defeat, he didn’t feel human, he felt like an animal being beaten and trained to be obedient by his human masters yet to this day…he still doesn’t know why.

No one knew how he really felt, as his face was well hidden away, his feelings only known to him, how would they know that he was mostly full of fear and tears? his screams and cries for help shielded away from all, if only he had the courage to strip down and show the true him to all! yet for many years, he suffered in silence, smiling covering up the scars and cuts, he would continue to keep going each day, never letting anyone in…never standing up for himself, he kept going on and on, because he was just their to be the waste of space he believed himself to be, yet he never gave up turning up, he never went away, yet he still does not know why.

Was he a bad alien that was failing or, what if he wasn’t an alien at all? Was he wrong thinking he was so different from others that he was a different species altogether, he wasn’t sure at this stage of his existence, he felt vulnerable and locked himself away for many months, no one saw or spoke with him, he was all alone but maybe…it was meant to be and to this day, he still does not know why he thought like that.

Then one day, years later,it happened…he stood up in his class and without saying a word to a single human, all in silence but watched by many this scared little boy reached towards his face and after a deep breath, he unmasked, his eyes, blackened with dirt felt the sunlight for the very first time, it hurt as it was bright. The young man was revealing his true self to the real world for the first time and every second that past afterwards, he wanted to put the mask straight back on but he did not, he would never put it on again, yet he still does not know why.

He still feels somewhat misunderstood by others, never really understanding why he may stand their silently, not always speaking unless spoken to…his radio isn’t working as well as others are and it can’t pick up messages as good, he wants to get it fixed but is too afraid that it might be broke even more than it is, then what would he do? so he remains with his not very good radio in hope that one day, it might fix itself and he can pick up messages again so others can find him, approach him and connect, that’s all he’s ever wanted, to connect with the rest of the world and feel…normal and to this day, he still does not know why he hasn’t yet.

I once thought I was an Alien, too different from everyone in this world, on misunderstood outcast that no one cared about and wanted to put down but I am not from another planet, I am one of you, I don’t need to put my mask back on, I can walk about without it on, my face exposed to all, judge it how you will but it’s just like yours, no different, just misunderstood.

I am Human, I am equal…This is me but yet…I may never know why.

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