In WWE, we are in quite a pickle if you ask me, I mean our WWE Champion is nothing more than a sniveling coward who uses other peoples finishers to win matches because his move has apparently been banned for now! He doesn’t have much competition really, I mean with Roman Reigns who people apparently like now, Dean Ambrose who has only won One PPV match out of the Shield and Randy Orton…who we haven’t seen since Payback probably will lose favor with fans before long…and don’t get me started on Kane…as if he’d win the championship back now…would anyone other than a die hard Attitude Era fan enjoy that? I know I would but WWE wouldn’t benefit from Kane being champion now, if only to give old fans a moment of reminiscence, just before WWE would likely screw him out of the championship…because WWE is like that. Brock Lesnar will likely return towards Summerslam, wanting revenge and I personally hope he F5’S Rollins a million times, then Kimara Lock’s him until his arm snaps. John Cena is in the United States Championship picture for now so he won’t be breaking Ric Flair’s record anytime soon but I still think he will…because, clearly, that’s what’s best for business…said no one with a brain ever!

Seth Rollins is only champion until Roman Reigns is over with the fans, once he has the cheering power that they envisioned for him, he’ll win the belt and they will be back on course with what they originally planned for after Wrestlemania…he’ll beat Rollins, likely at Night of Champions, then face Kane, Big Show, Rollins etc to make him look like a strong champion, bla bla bla then we will all remember why we never wanted to like Reigns in the first place, hence the cycle repeats himself…just about the time Daniel Bryan returns no doubt (poor sod) the fans will want him to be pushed immediately, I’m stopping here because I can’t bare writing down what would likely happen next!

Going to the mid card, Rusev has pretty much been left in deep waters after his loss in the feud with John Cena who seems to have moved on to NXT’S Kevin Owens, another career for him to slow down. Rusev no longer has Lana who appears to be with… Dolph Ziggler for whatever reason! and is randomly in the Elimination Chamber Match for the Intercontinental Championship now??? Ok then…so is R Truth and that one is even weirder in my opinion…oh WWE, just bring back the World Heavyweight Championship and give lower card wrestlers a chance at holding a good championship! Below are just a few wrestlers who would benefit from being World Heavyweight Championship

  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Ryback
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Rusev
  • Luke Harper
  • King Barrett
  • Sheamus
  • Roman Reigns
  • Dean Ambrose

Alas, we only have one championship, which seems stupid as so many stars that should be a champion will likely never hold the WWE Championship…well maybe Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns…possibly Dean Ambrose but the rest are doomed…especially Dolph Ziggler who will not win the top gold ever again…it just ain’t happening! Ever! I mean the guy’s a good wrestler but I think he’s a tad overrated now, his gimmick is stale and boring because we all know he will never be that guy that WWE will entrust to lead the company into the future, he’s been here nearly 10 years now, he’s reached his height and won’t get near it again…sad but true.

As for the Divas….maybe we shouldn’t even go there because it’s a joke how Women are written in WWE least in NXT they are taken seriously but in WWE….no…not even close, they are just objects for people to gawp at..I mean have you seen some of the so called Women Wrestlers??

  • Naomi (uses her Bum as her finisher)
  • The Bellas Nikki (ok, she’s not so bad but after last year…her acting sucks)
  • The Bellas Brie (Brie Mode is the most pointless thing in WWE…seriously, it does nothing, except annoy anyone with a good set of ears..barely anyone cheers when she yells it before delivering a weak drop kick or…is it a tap to her opponent or something? Still they dress up pretty, right? I’m glad they changed the belt to a butterfly because if the Women’s Championship was still being used today, it would be a disgrace!

But what are you going to do about it, watch TNA?

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