A Man is being questioned by the Police…for swearing at a Sheep… I’m sure the sheep were very offended by this and have filed a complaint, the only issue was that no one was able to speak Sheep so whether anything bad has been done remains to be seen… http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/24/peta-made-a-complaint-against-a-farmer-who-swore-at-his-sheep-5213293/?ito=facebook The animals were unavailable afterwards for questioning.

Also in News- Rich People to Become Cybermen

Rich People apparently will merge with machinery and become Cyborgs so all Dr Who fans and Dragonball Z fans rejoice, if your wealthy that is…soon you’ll be able to shoot laser beams from their hands and live for eternity, bad news if your a Spurs, Newcastle or Liverpool fan because even if you live for eternity, chances are you still won’t see your team win the league…let’s all pray that Mike Ashley, Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan don’t get upgrades.

In Sports news, Norwich have made it to the Premier League by beating Middlesbrough 2-0 at Wembley today, unfortunately for the Canaries, the team was informed afterwards that it would only be a temporary move to the tope English League before a swift return to the Championship come next May but hey, what a season it will be, struggling for survival along with Watford, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Leicester and Aston Villa next season….sounds like fun, they had better get some good players in, if they want to stay more than a season in the Premier League

Elsewhere Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid Manager has lost his job which seems unfair as they have won trophies in recent years  but because they don’t win every single season, he has to go so who do you get to replace him, well recently it has been said that the best Premier League Manager, John Carver will leave Newcastle come the end of the season…maybe give him a call Madrid? And maybe don’t have a one man team, Ronaldo is one of the biggest babies in football, either pass the ball to him or he throws a paddy, I mean…look at the difference between Madrid and Barcelona…Barcelona are a team, they win as a team and they accept defeat as a team….Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Xavi, Iniesta…what a team whereas Real Madrid, the sole star is Ronaldo, even though they also have Bale who fans have turned against, James Rodriguez and Benzema yet when they lost to Juventus, you could clearly tell that they were not a team, just a bunch of individuals.

Yep, slow news day over here in Britain

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