I’ll start off by stating that I live in the North of England, I was born here and raised here, whether I die here is another matter, I can’t predict the future. This is a blog that talks about a certain drift between the South and the North of England because there is quite a big drift between the two, one that you can’t simply ignore. I’ve lived up here all of my life and only gone down to London Three times in my life! The South 5 times, apart from that, I’ve never really seen the South like Devon, Cornwall, Somerset etc But one thing that sticks out to me is the South is doing so much better than the North and has done for more than 30 years now! The Industrial Era made the North thrive at one point in time but all good things come to an end, right? If you know who Margaret Thatcher is, you’ll know what happened to the North.

I’ve even heard about people in the North wanting to leave the South behind and join Scotland but has the situation gotten so bare that we would abandon ship and catch a ride on the nearest vessel? Are we so out of touch with our cousins in the South that we would feel the need to do that? To be honest, it’s probably just rubbish but it’s still shocking to find things like that.

Recently Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to make the North of England grow as fast as the South East was growing! whether that ever happens remains to be seen but If you ask me, that won’t happen ever…it just seems to good to be true really, make it so the North is like the London, if I go outside and see many cranes building things then maybe but until then, it would just be a dream and I feel a little bit sad how one part of the country is quite far behind the other, I mean we are all part of the same country, shouldn’t this be more of a team effort? I’ve looked all over the internet and these three phrases I find all over the place.

  • P


And it’s very hard to deny that, let’s face it, London is there and it’s the UK Powerhouse! there are more jobs down there that lure graduates from all around to come and live there, I should know, I’ve had friends move from the North to the South and decide to stay there, there is just more down there than up in the North and has been for a long time now but not everyone can just move out of the North and head down South, right? Their would be no room for a start, someone has to live up North but what is it that’s so bad about living up North?

The North

  • More Unemployment
  • Ever been to a seaside town in the North like Blackpool or Southport and gone away from the seafront? Theirs probably a reason for that!
  • People live longer in the South
  • People in the North are Poor and Lazy- False
  • People in the South are Rich, Not all true, many places in the South are poor as well! Hastings, Weston Super Mare etc
  • More people have jobs in the South 
  • More poverty in the North

But what does the North have though to offer?

  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Yorkshire Moors
  • York
  • Lancaster
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Settle-Carlisle Railway
  • Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton FC

I love living up North, I guess you could call me proud but I won’t insult anyone living in the South like I know many who do, some people are rich, many are poor, I get that but I won’t start name calling people, just because they want to move away to get a high paying job, I wish them the best of luck, I just wish the North had a bit more good luck when it came to securing a good future for the next few generations that will be born up here, it would be my worst nightmare to bring a child into this world on rations or have to tell them that I can’t get them something because It’d break my finances.

Like I said earlier, I live in the North and the small Yorkshire town I see everyday often has another store that has closed down due to bad business or it can’t afford the rent anymore and cheaper alternative replaces it, it gets a little sad sometimes when you spot another one gone, doesn’t give you a lot of hope for the future or your children’s future, I mean what kind of world will they live in? Will I have to try to convince them to live in the South for a better live? If it meant they’d be secure and have a good life then I wouldn’t stop them because I’d want them to do well and be happy, that’s all that would matter to me, even if I barely ever got to see them…even though that would be a great pain of mine, to not be able to see my sons or daughters because if they stayed up North, they might not get very far in life, but should it be like that, escape the North?

The North is a lovely place, full of beautiful scenery and things to do but because of the lack of high paying jobs, it makes people think twice about living there and they move down South, something clearly needs to be done because how long can people say ‘I’ll move down South for a better life’ before one day some says ‘I’ll move down South for a better life…Oh wait, I can’t, theirs no more room!

  • So why didn’t I Move South? 

Well, after college I decided to go to Huddersfield University in West Yorkshire. I looked all around for Universities, in the North, Scotland and the South and the South wasn’t really an option unfortunately, even though I really wanted to but there were road blocks that made it next to impossible  and in the end, I made to decision to not go so far, just about two hours at best from home it was a choice I was happy with, London just looked too expensive really. Not saying that London is the only thing about the South or anything but let’s face it, it will always be at the top of the list

I am staying up North because it’s where my family is, it’s where my fiance wants to live and we have a house so it would seem silly to me to give all that up, just to say I live in London, Bath or anywhere in Buckinghamshire and not really have any money because I wouldn’t be guaranteed to get a job anyway, it’d be way to much of a risk. If their were a way to make life better up North so people wouldn’t feel the need to move down South then that would be fantastic, I’d be all for that because this can’t keep going on forever, right? No, their has to be a breaking point one day down the road when you can’t simply move away because of the financial situation up North but with cities like Leeds and Manchester building new things and such, will we one day perhaps not have to?

I believe a country united would be better than a country divided and that’s how I feel about Britain today, it’s divided with the South thriving and the North gasping for air, both should be thriving, united, seems a lot better than the situation we are in today! I dream of a country where you can walk down the streets somewhere up North and they not be desolate and bare, like a wasteland, boarded up shops and businesses but for now, it will just be a dream.

Karl Pilkington once said when he was seeing the Petra site in Jordan that he would rather live in a cave and get to look at the nice pretty monument than live in the monument and have to look at the cave, well that kind of feels how the North and South of this country are at the moment.

It was much better to look out of a hole at a palace, than live in a palace looking at a hole. I think the same rule applies with humans. I think I’d rather be an uglyish looking person than a beautiful one, as how often do you look at yourself? If you’re quite ugly and your sat facing someone who is pretty at work, who’s got the better deal?

With this, I like to live in the North and visit the South on holidays and such. I just couldn’t move away from the place I grew up in, who knows…maybe one day I will but for now, I’m happy where I am, I have a job, a fiance, a house and everything is going to plan for me.

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